Bernadette Auchard

Group Fitness Instructor



  • Spring Chickens™
  • Step Interval
  • Strictly Core

Education & Certification
• Moms On The Move
• AFFA Certified

“I've been teaching Group Exercise since 1989. I was truly inspired by my friend Cheri who was extremely shy. When she was in front of her class it was magic – she became another person. I could see how rewarding teaching group exercise was to her so I thought I can do this to, and that’s how my group exercise career began. I feel honored to be able to teach at AVAC, since 1999. The members in my classes are amazing. They inspire me to be the best I can be. Teaching Group Exercise has brought me friendships, joy, and a healthy mind, body, and soul. My Favorite Saying in class: WE LOVE IT, WE LOVE IT, WE WANT MORE OF IT!”