Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

Class Descriptions

Cardio KB This class combines self-defense, martial arts, and military moves. An innovative and challenging workout. Emphasis: Proper form and alignment while performing punches, kicks and jabs, to music.
Cardio Step Interval Cross training at it’s finest. One hour of alternating step choreography with intervals of strength training. This class includes training for all major muscles utilizing a variety of equipment to keep it fun, exciting and challenging. All levels welcome.
Spinning Please bring water to these classes. This indoor cycling class is a great way to jump-start your weight loss or cardio training regime. A high-energy class on specially designed stationary bicycles. Led by a Certified Instructor and choreographed to music. Each bicycle has an independent tension adjustment, allowing you to adjust your work level.
Endurance Spin Learn solid cycling techniques with an emphasis on heart rate – breathe efficiency. The added 15 minutes promotes a great Cardio / Fat-Burn workout.
Step Aerobics using adjustable height steps. Low-impact, high-intensity high-burn class. Increases cardio endurance and strength as well as coordination and agility.

20 / 20 / 20
Twenty minutes of upper and lower body strength endurance, 20 minutes of core training, and 20 minutes stretch.
Basic Strength Each movement is broken down to its basic principals. Learn why your body needs strength training and how to safely acquire muscular strength and endurance. This class will include exercises for each major muscle group.
Lower Body Blast A 30-minute toning and strengthening class concentrating on the lower body.
Power PLAY Traditional Sculpting + NEW Core Training.  Each week, different areas of the body are emphasized, with more one-on-one help and class-member requests!
Total Body Conditioning
One hour of total Total Body Conditioning. Work every muscle from every angle. This workout is designed to improve muscular strength, endurance and balance as well as coordination and agility. Several pieces of equipment will be utilized during each session.
Strictly Core Just like it sounds. No warm up or cool down. Just core strengthening. AVAC's Strictly Core instructor will lead you through a series of exercises utilizing extension, flexion, rotation and stabilization. These exercises will strengthen both core stabilizers and prime movers.
Ultimate Athletic Conditioning U.A.C. Boost your metabolism, burn calories, increase strength, proprioception, and endurance with this overall strength and sports conditioning class that uses circuit and interval training techniques.


Cyclesculpt Start with 45 minutes of cycling - working the legs, lungs, and heart!  Followed with strength training work focused on upper body and core. Finish off with a stretch for all the major muscle groups.
Cycle/Run Combo Triathlon Training For anyone and everyone! Come for the spectacular cycling class and then learn to do a quick, easy, efficient run immediately afterwards outside. Not a runner? Do not worry! Walk-run modifications and coaching will be provided to runners and walkers of all ability levels.
Just Enough Perfect for people just starting group exercise, post-rehabilitation patients, and the 50+ crowd. Basic, easy-to-follow, safe and effective exercise. Includes 20-30 minutes of low-to moderate-intensity aerobics, body toning and cool down. Participants with musculo-skeletal difficulties should inform the instructor prior to class.
Spring Chickens™ The perfect class for older adults with muscular-skeletal limitations. This 45-minute class consists of basic movement patterns utilizing front / back and side-to-side steps. Key ingredients are balance, stretch and relaxation exercises. Spring Chickens is a healthy program designed by Generations Community Wellness and is used under license.

Gentle Yoga This class emphasizes the physical practice of yoga movements, which provide a gentle muscle stretching, and range of motion around the joints. Class includes breathing and relaxation techniques meant to promote total relaxation and mind, body harmony. Great class for first-time students.
Vinyasa Flow Playful flow class links breath with movements! Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement" The flow can be challenging; building internal heat and balancing strength with flexibility. Energy is drawn inward as we move into deep stretches, and finish with meditation
Tai Chi Said to promote feelings of well being, relaxation and inner peace. Benefits include increased vitality and concentration, improved breathing, coordination, and circulation.
Therapeutic Yoga A carefully designed collection of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, guided meditation, and hands-on healing. Unique because there are no standing poses. A perfect practice for students with injuries, arthritis, inflammation, or challenges. Equally beneficial for students with no health issues but need to reduce stress, relax, and renew.
Yoga Perfect for mid-day or evening stress relief. Deep breathing and stretching can provide mental and physical relaxation. Instructors incorporate a combination of Hatha styles, including Vinyasa
flow and Iyengar.


Cardio Dance Take your traditional aerobics class and turn it up a notch! Hip hop aerobic routines and fat blasting moves all set to your favorite popular music.
Dancer’s Body primarily a mat-based class that incorporates Pilates, yoga, calisthenics and the basic fundamentals of ballet. We will focus on creating long, lean muscle tissue through strengthening and stretching exercises. This is a low-impact class. Please note this is a great class for adults and teenagers aged 13 and up.
Hip Hop Dance, Dance, Dance. Learn all the current Hip Hop moves, get a great cardiovascular work-out and have fun all at the same time.
Zumba® Latin music, moves and more. Zumba® is sweeping the country with fun, energetic, fast-paced yet easy to follow choreography to set your feet and heart on fire. A great cardio and core workout.
Zumba Gold® All the pizzaz of Zumba®, for those who are just starting out and want to join in the dance. Steps are slower, but same Latin music and energy. Emphasize on learning the basic Latin rhythms as well.

Level I The perfect non-impact workout. Ideal for new exercisers, people returning after injury or an extended leave from regular exercise. Participants should be comfortable in deep or shallow water.

Level II
A step up from Level I. Longer strengthening section and increased cardio in the shallow end of the pool. We suggest that new participants try Water Workout prior to attending this class.

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