Free Wellness Series

well•ness. /welnis/. Noun-the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

AVAC strives to enrich all areas of your lifestyle, not just physical. For decades, our wellness programs have done exactly that through education, social events, trips, mindful meditation and more. Enter our newest program, free of charge, which highlights hand-picked local experts on topics we feel will enrich your life.  Nutrition, travel, spine health, raising children, healthy aging—the topic and speaker will be unique each time.  Our Free Wellness Series occurs once a month on a Tuesday evening in the AVAC Conference Room.  Come join us and be well.

Interested in speaking or looking for a presentation on a specific topic? Contact us here.

Mobility & Movement — The Benefits of Arthrokinematic Health

When | Tuesday, April 7 | 7—8 pm
Where | AVAC Conference Room
Cost | Free
Instructor | Jon Cebula, AVAC Personal Trainer
RSVP | Mary Ann Smith

Movement. It’s something that we do every day. Whether it’s walking to the car, putting the groceries away, playing outside with the kids or just doing your normal chores; every day you move. But, how well do you move? What is the quality of your movement? Are your movements painful? Are they limited? Do you truly understand HOW to move?

The above questions are asked to begin to get you thinking about your joint health. Arthrokinematics is a scientific term used to describe the specific movements of the articulating joint surfaces. Joint Mobility is the effective practice of implementing a structured and progressive exercise program designed to improve and increase joint health and function by improving quality of movement, increasing range of motion,
increasing blood circulation, and improving over-all general joint function.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Joint Health, to ask questions, and to sample what a “Mobility Class” is all about.

  • Learn how to open and expand your movements
  • Learn how to move with control, precision, and purpose
  • Learn how to move this wonderful thing we call our “body”

Financial Fitness & Estate Planning

(*Note: This event was rescheduled from March 3)

When | Tuesday, May 5 | 7 pm
Where | AVAC Conference Room
Presenter | Diane Brown, Attorney at Law
Cost | Free:-)
RSVP Becky Smothermon

This session will focus on explaining the pros and cons of trusts, as well as other documents that can be prepared to provide for the management of assets if the owner becomes incapacitated or dies. Like many things in life (for example, going to the dentist!), failure to plan ahead will cost the estate more than the initial planning would have. My job is to keep you and your loved ones out of court. It’s your money..Let’s keep it that way! 

About Diane
I have owned my own business since 1986 and have always specialized in trusts and estates. Being married with two children gives me perspective about family dynamics and issues that parents have concerning their children and the management of money. I am a Master Gardener in Santa Clara County. My other hobbies include hiking and camping. I am a member of the Los Gatos Morning Rotary to support my desire to give back to the community.