Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

Bikini Bod Squad


2018 #GOALS Edition!
8-Week Program

Try a FREE Beginner Demo Class:
Wednesday and Friday, January 3 & 5 @ 12 PM

  • Get your New Year’s bikini body on!
  • Lose body fat, feel great & keep up with Winter sports
  • Gain energy to keep up with the kids
  • Includes an exclusive Bikini Bod Squad tank top

Program Dates & Times:

January 8—March 2 | Mon / Wed / Fri @ 12 pm

January 3—February 26 | Mon / Wed / Fri @ 11 am

*See class level descriptions at bottom of page

$300 Members (Includes 24 Sessions; 3 days/week)
*FREE child care during class time
Private program is available for an additional fee

See what Jess says about the program below

Register & Questions: Email Shannon Larsen, CPT |

 “I am so grateful for what the Bikini Bod Squad class has done for me. 16 weeks in and I feel stronger than I ever have before and my body is capable of doing things I never thought I would have had the strength to do. Shannon is wonderful and she makes every class fun. Can’t wait for the next session to start!”
-Jess, Program Participant

Class Level Descriptions: 

HIIT style circuit class for those looking to establish a regular routine, using mostly body weight to build stability and overall strength.

Fitness goals achieved:
• Weight loss
• Strength improvement
• Core stability
• Muscular endurance
• Established fitness routine

HIIT style circuit class for those with an established fitness base looking to bring it to the next level. This advanced session of Bikini Bod Squad will concentrate on TRX, Bosu, Kettlebells, battleropes, and other modalities.

Fitness goals achieved:
• Fat loss
• Core stability
• Strength & power
• Muscular endurance
• Plateau break through!