Tennis Committee

To continue to support current tennis policies and procedures for all AVAC tennis activity. To establish the tennis activity calendar for the year and to assist In administrating the events.
Composite of Committee
The committee will consist of active AVAC® Tennis members in good standing including both genders and representing each level of play.
  • attend 50% of the meetings
  • participate in administration of events
  • serve as a liaison between the committee and members of a level of play

Members shall serve a minimum term of one year and no more than 10 years. After serving one year a committee member may elect to leave or continue at the request of the tennis director.
Committee Members

Jim Garadis
Rick Gibson
Mike Dickey
Steve Suchow
Mary Lehner
Jeff Griffith-Jones
Becky Smothermon
Jim Maveety
Missy Neal
Phil Kwan
Jeanine Smith
Pam White

Upcoming Committee Meetings

November 4 | 7:10 pm
Committee Meeting Notes



2. 2014