Play To Learn Activity Center

Our Play To Learn Activity Center is filled with Play-to-Learn Activities staffed by nurturing and caring people. Available for children of AVAC members while they make use of our facility. Parent or guardian must be on site while children are in our facility. This  service is not intended to substitute for preschool or daycare. It is a drop-in care facility the club provides to members at a minimal cost.

In addition to regular service, we offer Lullaby Time.
All staff undergoes background screening.

After the first hour, any additional minutes will be rounded to the nearest minute
. We appreciate your trusting us to provide a loving and fun environment for your children while you enjoy all that AVAC has to offer


In the rear of the Club, adjacent to the back gate
Direct Line


Monday - Thursday | 8:30 am 1 pm & 3 pm 8:30 pm (8 pm in the Winter)
Friday | 8:30 am 1 pm
Saturday | 8 am 2 pm
Sunday | 9 am 1 pm

Time Limits
  Children who are 6 weeks - 7 months have a 1 hour time limit
Children who are 8 months - 2 years have a 2 hour time limit
Children who are 3 years - 8 years have a 4 hour time limit
Lullaby Time
Lullaby Time visitors have a separate area dedicated to them -  infants six weeks to eight months old. Reservations are necessary for this service which is available

Lullaby Time
Monday & Wednesday | 11:30 am - 5 pm
Tuesday & Thursday | 11:30 am 1 pm
Monday through Thursday | 3 pm 5 pm
Friday | 11:30 am 1 pm



$6.50 per hour per child
$5.50 per hour per child for children on AVAC Family Memberships
$7.50 per hour per child for non-members using our facility
Prepaid Child Care is available. $100 per month for infants (6 weeks - 8 months), $150 per month for all others (8 months and up) with automatic EFT withdrawal.