USTA Jr. Competition Programs

Learn and train for 'game set match' the AVAC® way.

Class Descriptions

Junior Challengers

(Ages 8 to 14) Players can rally and send balls to specific targets on court; are able to serve overhand with some consistency; can volley and use spin, height, depth, and pace on 60-and/or 78-foot court using orange and/or green balls. Focus is on tactics and strategy using positive attitudes and dealing with wins and losses as they prepare for match play. Must be Orange Grips Program skill level.

Junior Developmental Level

(Ages 12 to 18) For junior and high school JV players focusing on match play strategies for singles and doubles. Decision making, shot selection, recovery, as well as conditioning and stroke refinement are emphasized. Must be Blue Grips Program skill level.

Junior Elite Level

(Ages 8 - 14 years old, by invitation) For 12u+ orange, green, and yellow ball players. Focus is on a more competitive and intense environment to prepare for JTT (Junior Team Tennis) and tournaments. Focus is on constructing points and developing tactics to attack, dictate and defend. Uses orange and/or green balls on 60- and 78-foot courts. *For more information, contact Al Juodikis

Ken's Junior Tournament Level

(Ages 12 to 15, by invitation) The serious tournament junior player. Video analysis, conditioning & match play charting.

Ken's Junior Tour Level

(Ages 12 to 18, by invitation) Ranked juniors—junior high and varsity players. High level drills and coaching for match play skill.


Junior Competitive Edge Academy

(ages 12 to 19) Tournament level juniors must be able to pass purple or gray grips program skill and written test. Satellite level juniors must be able to pass red or dark green grips skills and written test.

Junior Team Tennis

(ages 8 to 18) Combines the fun of playing individual matches and tennis as a team sport. Teams matches consist of singles and doubles match play each week. Participants must be members of USTA. Divisions include co-ed 10 & Under, 12U, 14U, 18U. Single gender 12 & Under, 15U. Leagues matches are in USTA Intermediate or Advanced Divisions. For more information contact Ken DeHart.

Program   Day and Time   8-class Package
AVAC Member
  8-class Package
Non- Member
AVAC Member
Junior Challengers
Ages 8 to 14


Tuesday & Thursday
4 - 5:30 pm

12:30 - 2 pm

Saturday (match play)
2 pm - 4 pm

Sunday (match play)
12 - 3 pm

  $250   $280   n/a $33 $38
Junior Developmental Level
Ages 12 to 18

2 - 3:30 pm

Sunday (match play)
3 - 5 pm

  $250   $280
  n/a $33
Ken's Junior Tournament Level
Ages 12 to 15
By Invitation
 Tuesday & Thursday
4:30 - 6 pm (with Ken)

12 - 1:30 pm (with Ken)
  $400 $60
Ken's Junior Tour Level
Ages 12 to 18
By Invitation | 12 Classes Per Month

Monday & Wednesday
4 pm - 6 pm

10 am - 11:30 am


$416 $440 $70
    Gold Pass (2 months)        
Junior Elite Level*
Ages 8 - 14
*Programs runs September 9 - November 11, 2015.
Contact Al Juodikis for more information
  Monday & Friday
3:45 - 5:30 pm

3:35 - 5:30 pm

5 - 6:45 pm

Sunday (match play)
12 - 3 pm / 3 - 5 pm

  • 8 Pack Prices are for any 8 classes available and expire 3 months from the purchase date
  • We give a 10% discount for second family child
  • $25 player evaluation by Pros
  • Please call 408.445.4915 to enroll; Prices are subject to change without notice