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AVAC® Tennis Recreational Path Overview

Program Description

AVAC’s Recreational Path classes are designed to introduce beginning students to the game of tennis with a variety of specialized training tools, drills, and games. The AVAC® teaching approach is built around the proven success of the 10 and Under Program defined by the United States Tennis Association (USTA). This approach makes it easier for beginning players to learn the game and to enhance their enjoyment of tennis. This is achieved by using smaller courts, lower nets, low compression balls (red, orange, green), and child-sized racquets. These training aids and racquets allow beginning players to rally, play and truly experience the excitement and fun of playing the game of tennis.

Free Junior Wilson Racquet for first time students enrolling in Stars & Aces. Valued at $25. While supplies last.

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Class Descriptions:

• Junior Stars | Pre-K and Kindergarten

Stars is an introductory program for players ages 4 to 5. Fundamental ball skills, movement receiving and sending, and racquet skills are taught in a fun, low-pressure environment designed for the youngest players.

• Junior Aces | Ages 6 - 8

Aces is designed for players ages 6 to 8. The Aces class uses the smaller 36-foot court and smaller racquets (19" to 23"). Levels range from beginners to red ball tournament players.

• Junior Challengers | Ages 8 - 11

Challengers is designed to teach players (ages 8 - 11) all the fundamentals of tennis, including stroke mechanics, movement, and match play tactics. Levels range from beginner to Orange Level Tournament players.

• Junior Development | Ages 12 - 18

The Junior Development class is designed for entry level and novice players, ages 12 - 18. Skills are taught with the emphasis of acquiring technically correct stroke mechanisms and putting these skills to use in cooperative and competitively modified games.

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