Awards and Testimonials

AVAC Swim School has received awards for excellence every year since 1976. Most recently, the readers of Bay Area Parent Magazine again voted AVAC 2011 Best of The Best, added to our Hall of Fame Award status. We have also consistently been chosen as the Best Swim School in the Bay Area by City Sports Magazine Best Swim School.
Testimonials from Swim School Parents and Kids!
  • "My son Jackson, who [also] has Autism, started lessons this summer and we are SO happy with his progress. We originally started him because I was aware of the same statistic of children with autism drowning. After seeing is progress in the past few months, hope to have him continue as an extracurricular activity as he gets older. He is holding his breath under water and he absolutely loves it. Jarrod is so, so great with him, and Jackson is running to him immediately after he calls his name into the lobby. As a mother of a child who is non-verbal and needs extra help, I thank you for having these classes and lesson options for our little ones who need individual attention!
    -Beckie, AVAC Swim School Customer
  • "...Sierra Maxie has been superior, even to someone that is considered exceptional. She possess the people and communication skills, as well as the technical and instructional part of swimming. I have seen that Sierra genuinely cares, not only for my family, but others in my class and others in classes before and after ours. She is a breath of fresh air from the typical teenagers I sometimes see. I find that people like her, are hard to come by, especially in todays society and the world we live in. She is a true asset to AVAC Swim School and/or any other company!"
    -Chris, AVAC Swim School Customer
    Sierra Maxie, AVAC Swim School Teacher
  • I absolutely think Anthony is amazing! My little boy is a handful and he is amazing with him! We may be moving to Palo Alto, and Id be inclined to drive back every Saturday just to have him work with my little one.
    Wendy, AVAC Swim School Customer
    Anthony Fuccela, AVAC Swim School Teacher
  • My son Callum has not attended swim lessons for six months. Congrats to Brian for holding his attention so well and making swimming lessons fun. Im seeing so much improvement despite the time lapse between now and his last lesson.
    -Tonia MacLean, AVAC Swim School Customer
    Brian Diaz, AVAC Swim School Teacher

  • I like how he teaches swimming. Hes nice. I like his smile. I like how he swims and his voice.
    Jacob Gensheimer (5 years old), AVAC Swim School Customer
    Sean Baker, AVAC Swim School Teacher

  • I was doing physical therapy at another club and saw some children getting swimming lessons. The difference was like night and day. No toys, fear, crying, pressure, and moms werent in the pool. It made me appreciate watching my granddaughter and other toddlers delight in playing in the pool as they are learning. Shes coming such a long way.