Almaden Valley Athletic Club®


We offer once a week classes, for 30-minutes, year-round at AVAC Swim School. Once you have registered your child for his/her swim class, you will attend the same class each week (Mondays from 10 - 10:30, for example). Students over the age of 3 are in small group classes with a 4:1 student to teacher ratio.

Classes are organized by both the swimmer’s age and ability. Advancing skill is recognized through our Core Skill Classes. Ribbons are awarded upon the student's successful completion of the requisite skills.


We are offering our popular Monday - Friday mid-day intensive classes starting in June 2014. Registration is currently underway via our convenient ONLINE registration tool. These classes are great for retention of new skills learned and flexible with your busy Summer schedules. We offer a great ONE week program to re-introduce skills for our returning swimmers.


Parent Tot
Class designed for the youngest AVAC swimmers, ages 4 months to 36 months. Each baby is accompanied by an adult in the water, with a 6:1 student to teacher ratio. Our parent tot classes are grouped by age to facilitate proper developmental focus in a nurturing aquatic environment. Our highly trained teachers will guide parents through a routine series of songs and activities, ultimately teaching each parent how to successfully build comfort and swimming skills with their baby.
Advanced Swim
This hour-long class is offered to swimmers who have learned all four competitive strokes. The focus of this class is to build endurance while continuing to work on technique, and learn pacing and racing techniques in a non-competitive environment. Swimmers learn skills such as flip-turns, medleys, relays and pre-swim team concepts.
Special Needs
Class ratio and skills taught are based on the needs of your swimmer.  As all of our swimmers have unique needs, we will handle each swimmer on an individual basis.
Private Lessons
These classes are designed for those students who need a little extra, personalized attention. The skill progression mirrors our very popular small group lessons.
Adult Classes 
These classes are offered for swimmers of all levels—from fearful non-swimmers, to those who wish to learn the four competitive strokes. Our highly trained teachers work closely with each student to reach their individual goals in a warm, supportive environment.

If you have taken lessons from us before, please call today at 408.267.4032.
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