Water Safety Information

Community Outreach
To ensure our community is safer around the water, we offer FREE field trips.

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5? Most of these children were being supervised by an adult who was missing from sight for less than five minutes.

For the first time, AVAC Swim School has put together a program for schools that addresses water safety. We offer field trips in our indoor pool where we will have a presentation on water safety and also have a free "Open Swim" for all the students. We firmly believe that we can make a difference in drowning prevention and hope you feel as strongly as we do about water safety for your students.

Contact the Director of Swim School Danielle Griffith-Jones for more information. Email her or call 408.445.4913.

Follow the Safer 3 Program
Safer 3 provides a three-layered approach to drowning prevention

Safer Water: Protection Against Unauthorized Entry

  • The protection against an unauthorized entry to a pool or spa by a child.
  • There are many types of protection available: barrier fencing with latching gates, alarms, door locks and pool covers.

Safer Kids Education: The Caretaker And The Potential Victim, The Child

  • Constant adult supervision by one with swimming ability.
  • Swim skill attainment through ongoing lesson programs by qualified instructors.
  • Education of both parents and children as to proper behavior in and around the water.

Safer Response: Know what to do in case of an accident

  • Preparation in the event of a drowning accident.
  • Rescue techniques such as CPR and rescue breathing should be learned and reviewed.
  • Developing an action plan and having rescue equipment on hand are also important.
  • Everyone should be familiar with the 911 emergency phone number and a phone should be at poolside.

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