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  • Spin and Stretch

    A take-off on Ballet Stretch and Balance with the addition of 15 minutes Spin to warm you up before you stretch.

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  • Cyclesculpt

    Start with 45 minutes of cycling - working the legs, lungs, and heart! Followed with strength training work focused on upper body and core. Finish off with a stretch for all the major muscle groups.
  • Just Enough

    Perfect for people just starting group exercise, post-rehabilitation patients, and the 50+ crowd. Basic, easy-to-follow, safe and effective exercise. Includes 20-30 minutes of low-to moderate-intensity aerobics, body toning and cool down. Participants with musculo-skeletal difficulties should inform the instructor prior to class.
  • Spring Chickens™

    The perfect class for older adults with muscular-skeletal limitations. This 45-minute class consists of basic movement patterns utilizing front / back and side-to-side steps. Key ingredients are balance, stretch and relaxation exercises. Spring Chickens is a healthy program designed by Generations Community Wellness and is used under license.
  • Basic Yoga

    Yoga is a wonderful way to gain strength and flexibility, as well as reduce the effects of stress. This class is appropriate for ANY beginner and is the perfect start to developing your yoga practice. Taught by Erika Palmquist-Smith.

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  • Guided Strength and Movement

    Guided Strength and Movement is a small group class designed to get you mobile! It's a safe, guided workout within your comfort zone. Held on the Fitness floor.

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