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  • Spin and Stretch

    A take-off on Ballet Stretch and Balance with the addition of 15 minutes Spin to warm you up before you stretch.

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  • Cyclesculpt

    Start with 45 minutes of cycling - working the legs, lungs, and heart! Followed with strength training work focused on upper body and core. Finish off with a stretch for all the major muscle groups.
  • Art of Lifting

    Finally...The end of Gym Intimidation!
    The ART of LIFTING 6-Week Program
    Ladies: Discover the benefits of adding strength training to your daily workout routine.
    When: Try a FREE demo on June 26 or 28

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  • Bikini Bod Squad

    July 16 - September 7
    Stay #SummerReady with the Bikini Bod Squad!
    · Lose body fat & feel fantastic
    · Gain energy to keep up with the kids
    FREE child care during class time for 1st child.
    FREE athletic tank provided to all participants.

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  • Just Enough

    Perfect for people just starting group exercise, post-rehabilitation patients, and the 50+ crowd. Basic, easy-to-follow, safe and effective exercise. Includes 20-30 minutes of low-to moderate-intensity aerobics, body toning and cool down. Participants with musculo-skeletal difficulties should inform the instructor prior to class.
  • Yoga for Osteoporosis/Osteopenia

    Sunday, August 12, 1 - 3:30 pm
    This hands-on workshop focuses on osteo care. This session is perfect for anyone interested in yoga, but especially useful for those with osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis or experiencing bone pain/joint pain.
    $50 Members | $60 Guests

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  • Spring Chickens™

    The perfect class for older adults with muscular-skeletal limitations. This 45-minute class consists of basic movement patterns utilizing front / back and side-to-side steps. Key ingredients are balance, stretch and relaxation exercises. Spring Chickens is a healthy program designed by Generations Community Wellness and is used under license.

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