What are the Tennis Office Hours?

Tennis Office Hours

Monday through Friday | 8:30 am - 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

How do I reserve a tennis court at AVAC?

1. Each member will need to go to www.avac.playtennisconnect.com to register themselves.
2. To begin: Click on "Register", upper left corner in green. Enter your first & last name, email & phone
3. Scroll down-enter the security text with no space between letters or numbers – it is not case sensitive – click on "SUBMIT"
4. You will be directed to "Contact Manager" – enter any user name you would like & your own password – then confirm the same password
5. Click on “Home” in the upper left side of the page
6. Click on “Court Scheduler” in the upper left to begin to reserve your court
7. Click on the "Calendar Date" on the right you wish to reserve courts.
8. Below the calendar is the “Schedule” button to click on to reserve you court
9. Click on “confirm”, “confirm and add another” or “close”

Contact the tennis office at 408.445.4915 to book your court. You may reserve a court 3 days ahead of time starting at 8:30 am. Please keep in mind, members are reserving online & popular times may book quickly.

Court Cancellations: If you need to cancel your reservation or cannot arrive on time, it is important that you contact the AVAC® Tennis Office to let them know as soon as possible so it can free up courts for others members.

What if I forget my password/login?

Call or email the AVAC® tennis office & we can email your login information to you. Call 408.445.4915 or email tennis@avac.us.

What is NTRP ratings?

NTRP is a general description of what defines a players skills or level of play. The ratings help the players find other players of approximately the same level to compete with, play on a team with and to practice with to get to the next level.

Players have an automatic "lesson plan" to get better by looking at the description of what the next level player can do. Working with your pro - you have a game plan to improve your skills and tactics over a period of time.

Players create a team based upon the same skill level or mixed skill levels or mixed gender levels. There are seasons when players make teams of the same skill level, mixed skill levels and mixed genders (mixed doubles). These seasons are determined by the USTA with times when captains need to register a team with the USTA and once that is done, players can begin to register on that team to compete against other teams.


How do I become a member of USTA?

Go to the www.norcal.usta.com and click on register to become a member of the USTA for a year or more. If you have previously played league tennis with the USTA you will have a USTA - NTRP based rating. If this is your first time you will directed to go to a part of the site to "self rate" based upon suggested criteria to "get in the game". 

For specific USTA questions, please contact AVAC's USTA Coordinator, Mary Lehner.

How do I book a Private Lesson or Clinic with a Pro at AVAC?

Stop by the Tennis Office or call 408.445.4915 and we will get you in contact with the Pro who best fits your needs and schedule. Get more information about our Pros here.

How do I book the Ball Machine?

To use the Playmate ball machine, call the office at 408.445.4915 to reserve court #5 or #6 to see our available times. Balls & a ball mower are provided along with the available court time.

What are the Tennis cancellation policies?

  • Please visit here for a complete list of Tennis cancellation policies.

Do you have racquets available for use?

We have several loaner racquets available for use. Simply stop by the Tennis Office to check-one out. You can also check-out a Wilson demo racquet for up to 3 days so you can get a feel for the right racquet for you.

How do I get my racquet restrung

We have recreational & competition strings available. Contact our Tennis Office for details, 408.445.4915.

How do I get my junior player started?

We offer recreational & competitive paths. Contact the Tennis Office at 408.445.4915 so we can help determine which class best suits your child.

What is Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball Tennis?

  • Red ball is junior tennis for players ages 4 - 8 with limited tennis experience. The players play on a 36 foot length court using a red/yellow ball that bounces appropriately for their height and skill level. Players use age and skill level appropriate length tennis racquets and play matches against other clubs. There are 3 levels within the Red ball group - beginner, intermediate and advanced level
  • Orange ball is junior tennis for players ages 8 - 11 that will compete on a 60 foot length court and use a ball that is appropriate for their height and skill level There are 3 levels within Orange ball - beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Green ball is for a 78 foot court (full length) with a low compression ball for players age 11 - 17. There are two levels within the Green ball program - intermediate and advanced