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What are the Tennis Office Hours?

Tennis Office Hours

Monday through Friday | 8:30 am - 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

How do I reserve a tennis court at AVAC?

1. Each member will need to go to to register themselves.
2. To begin: Click on "Register", upper left corner in green. Enter your first & last name, email & phone
3. Scroll down-enter the security text with no space between letters or numbers – it is not case sensitive – click on "SUBMIT"
4. You will be directed to "Contact Manager" – enter any user name you would like & your own password – then confirm the same password
5. Click on “Home” in the upper left side of the page
6. Click on “Court Scheduler” in the upper left to begin to reserve your court
7. Click on the "Calendar Date" on the right you wish to reserve courts.
8. Below the calendar is the “Schedule” button to click on to reserve you court
9. Click on “confirm”, “confirm and add another” or “close”

What if I don’t want to reserve courts online?

You may call the tennis office at AVAC (408-445-4915) after 8:30am any day and we will reserve your court for you, no more than three days ahead of time. (Reserve on Wednesday for Saturday courts, etc.) But keep in mind, after 8:30 members are reserving online and sometimes they book quickly.

What if I forget my password/login?

Call or email the AVAC tennis office and we can email your login information to you. Call: 408-445-4915 or email:

What is NTRP ratings?

NTRP is a general description of what defines a players skills or level of play. The ratings help the players find other players of approximately the same level to compete with, play on a team with and to practice with to get to the next level.

How do I use NTRP ratings to get better?

Players have an automatic "lesson plan" to get better by looking at the description of what the next level player can do. Working with your pro - you have a game plan to improve your skills and tactics over a period of time.

How does NTRP affect USTA League Play?

Players create a team based upon the same skill level or mixed skill levels or mixed gender levels. There are seasons when players make teams of the same skill level, mixed skill levels and mixed genders (mixed doubles). These seasons are determined by the USTA with times when captains need to register a team with the USTA and once that is done, players can begin to register on that team to compete against other teams.

How do I become a member of the USTA?

Go to the and click on register to become a member of the USTA for a year or more. If you have previously played league tennis with the USTA you will have a USTA - NTRP based rating. If this is your first time you will directed to go to a part of the site to "self rate" based upon suggested criteria to "get in the game".

How do I find out about lessons, programs, leagues, socials and how to get involved in tennis at AVAC?

  • Call the tennis pro shop and ask for information
  • Drop by the tennis pro shop and talk to a staff member. Explain your needs and the staff will assist you in getting in the game, meeting the pro to help provide the answers to you questions or selecting the appropriate tennis equipment
  • Visit one of the appropriate pages: 
    Drop-In Clinics | Pick Up & Play | Tennis Socials


What is Adult Tennis?

Adult tennis is generally for players ages 18+

What is a Drop-In Clinic?

  • Players do not have to pre-register for the clinic but are able to just show up at the designated time to participate
  • A drop-in clinic is a group lesson with any number of players that will work on skills to improve their play, singles or doubles
  • Some time will be devoted to developing skills, drills and games during the class by the pro
  • Players are visual learners and learn by seeing others execute skills
  • Players like to social and enjoy the team spirit of clinics and the ability to meet other players of approximately the same skill level
  • Players are able to meet other players to practice with outside the clinic to improve their games
  • The cost for a lesson is less in a clinic as the lesson fee is divided by the number of players in the clinic - therefore the players can afford to take more lessons with the pros at a reduced rate

What is a Reserved Clinic?

  • This clinic is time reserved by a set number of players - usually 3 or 4 to train with the pro
  • The cost is divided by the number of participants and they train as a team or a weekly or set number of times each month
  • Skills are usually geared toward doubles match play skills

What is a Private Lesson?

  • A private lesson is a one on one experience with your pro
  • A private lesson provides individual attention to your personal game's growth whether it be on strokes, strategies or the mental aspects of the game

What is a Semi-Private Lesson?

  • Semi-Private lessons are the sharing of the lesson with another person
  • This reduces the price of the lesson for each person, enables the students to get feedback from the pro as they play against each other
  • This lesson allows the students to share and remember information that an individual might not recall
  • Players can see the other person perform a skill and learn as they see what is being described by the pro

What is a series of Lessons?

  • When you buy a series of lessons with your pro, you can save money
  • Series are typically sold in packages of 6 and 8 lessons and should be used within a year
  • Any member of your family can use the series (mother, son, daughter or dad) once it is purchased

How do I book a Private Lesson or Clinic with a Pro at AVAC?

Not sure which Pro to train with?

  • Call the tennis office and ask to speak to the pro you may have in mind based upon information on the pros page
  • Contact the pro of your choice and agree upon a lesson time that fits everyone's schedule


How do I use the Ball Machine?

  • To use the Playmate ball machine, call the office to reserve court #5 for the time you wish to practice
  • Balls and a ball mower are provided along with the available court time
  • We have small ball machines that are battery operated that hold 28 balls and can be placed on any court to practice. These small black ball machines are affectionately called, "Little mothers" because they toss the ball out about 10 - 15 feet like your mother would to help you practice your skills
  • Warning - do not take this ball machine lightly because of its size - it is preferred by the advanced players as well as the beginner and intermediate players

How do I get my racquet restrung

  • Stop by the Tennis Office for more information about our stringing services
  • We have a complete selection of Wilson strings for all racquets
  • Prices range for $20 to $40 depending upon the type of string you select to match your racquet and style of play
  • Strings range from a simple synthetic gut to Luxilon strings used by the pros on the tour and even combinations of the two (hybrids) to match your games needs

How do I get my junior player involved in clinics?

  • We have complete line of junior clinics for players age 4 - 18 and all skill levels
  • Our clinics are unique in that you pay for a series of classes and you can use them at any time
  • We have a variety of times to select from that include afternoons and weekends. In the summer we have a tennis camp and clinics in the mornings as well

How do I get my junior player involved in Junior Team Tennis and Match Play?

  • AVAC features Junior Team Tennis in the summer for all ages
  • We have red ball, orange ball and green ball teams, co-ed teams, single gender teams and weekly matches against other clubs in the area
  • We host Junior Team Tennis and can help you get on the best team for your age and skill level at AVAC
  • We will have fall Junior Team Tennis as well - mostly on the weekends when school is in session for all skill levels

What is Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball Tennis?

  • Red ball is junior tennis for players ages 4 - 8 with limited tennis experience. The players play on a 36 foot length court using a red/yellow ball that bounces appropriately for their height and skill level. Players use age and skill level appropriate length tennis racquets and play matches against other clubs. There are 3 levels within the Red ball group - beginner, intermediate and advanced level
  • Orange ball is junior tennis for players ages 7 - 11 that will compete on a 60 foot length court and use a ball that is appropriate for their height and skill level There are 3 levels within Orange ball - beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Green ball is for a 78 foot court (full length) with a low compression ball for players age 8 - 12. There are two levels within the Green ball program - intermediate and advanced