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AbsoluteNutrition Challenge

AbsoluteNutrition 28-Day Challenge: 
January 13 - February 10, 2018

Did you know? The average American gains about a pound during the winter holiday season, and often doesn’t lose it. After a few years, those pounds can really add up. But don't worry... AVAC® can help!

The Challenge Includes:

  • 4 private nutrition sessions with journal analysis
  • 4 weekly meal plans, recipes & FB support group
  • Food guidelines & healthy grocery shopping list
  • 2 nutrition talks: “Eating for Health” and “Sugar, How Sweet it Isn’t”
  • 2x/Week AbsoluteFIT Classes
  • Food/Fitness Tracking Journal
  • Grocery & Farmer’s Market Guided Tours
  • Participant T-Shirt
  • Team Camaraderie


AbsoluteFIT classes, special guidance and more from AVAC's Certified Personal Trainer, Marie Diercks




January 13 - February 10, 2018

$325 AVAC® Members
$360 Guests
  *650 Value!

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Reach Your Nutrition Goals With Laura Hsu, AVAC's Certified Nutritionist!