Red Cross: CPR/AED and Basic First Aid

Event Date: Sunday, July 21, 2019
Event Time: 1:00 pm P.D.T.
Event Category / Group: Health & Wellness / Programs & Services

All Red Cross Safety Classes Are Conveniently Located at AVACŪ 

CPR/AED (1 - 4 pm)

Learn the skills necessary to give appropriate care, regardless of the type of emergency. This course explains the emergency medical services (EMS) system, and emphasizes the need for rapid medical assistance in an emergency, and provides instruction on CPR, use of an AED, caring for shock, and more.

Basic First Aid (4 - 6 pm)

Focuses on life-threatening and non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses such as seizures, stroke, wounds, musculoskeletal injuries, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, and much more.

*Sign up for both classes on the same day and receive 15% off!

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