Lucas Freitas

Personal Trainer

Phone: 408.445.4903
Email: [email protected]

Education and Certification

• NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
• CPR/AED Certified

Through my experience of training clients & developing workout routines, I have realized the importance of a well developed workout program. I focus on proper form & technique to prevent injuries & achieve the safest, quickest & most effective results possible. The tailored workout routine I develop for each client, focuses on improving strength, muscle growth, muscle development, & muscle definition. I coach my clients on the importance of nutrition, dieting for building, & adding lean muscle to the body. Success isn’t always about “greatness”, it’s about consistency.

• Weight Lifting With Proper Form & Technique
• Resistance Training
• Program Development For Kids & Teenagers
• Injury Prevention
• Weight Loss
Monday - Thursday | 5 - 8 pm