AbsoluteFIT Success Story: Lydia M.


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Lydia Markoff is an Almaden-area writer, mom, and fitness enthusiast whose AbsoluteFIT journey has resulted in major strength gains, nutrition education, approximately 25 fewer pounds on the scale, and dozens of new workout friends. She can be found in the AbsoluteFIT studio three to five times a week — it’s basically her second living room, at this point, but with fewer Legos, Harry Potter wands, and Wimpy Kid books. 


1/7/19Welcome, One and All! 
12/21/18We Wish You a Merry Fitmas, and Some AbsoluteFIT!
11/16/18 AbsoluteFIT Friends: Meet Steven! 
10/31/18AbsoluteFIT and Youthfulness: Being Your Best at Any Age
9/19/18 Absolute Milestones: On Consistency
9/13/18 AbsoluteFIT Friends: Meet Michelle! 
8/29/18 Absolute Self-Care, In the Most Basic Sense of the Phrase 
8/8/18Absolute Kids: Inspiring By Example
7/27/18 Surprise! AbsoluteFIT Benefits  
7/10/18AbsoluteFIT Hits the Beach
6/20/18Summer Struggles, Striving for Success
5/30/18 Kids Say the Darnedest Things
5/2/18 Against “Gymtimidation”: AbsoluteFIT and Atmosphere
4/24/18Absolute Variety: A Key to Continued Progress
3/29/18AbsoluteFIT Friends #4: Meet Bridgette!
3/15/18 Looks Easy / Is Difficult; Is Easy / Looks Difficult
3/1/18 On Failing (Or Just Not Quite Getting It Right)
2/29/18 Olympic Inspirado
2/6/18 Enemies of Fitness: AbsoluteFIT to the Rescue!
1/18/18What Works for Me: Changes That Have Made a Difference
1/4/18 First Challenge of 2018: Let Laura Hsu Help You Make It Happen!
12/21/17 Not All Gifts Can Be Wrapped in Shiny Paper
12/15/17Building on Success, One Workout at a Time
11/8/17 Strength to Endure the Upcoming Holiday Season!
10/25/17 Meet Allie! AbsoluteFIT Friends
10/11/17 Real-Life Benefits of AbsoluteFIT: Disneyland and California Adventure
9/26/17 Life Lessons, Learned the AbsoluteFIT Way
8/28/17 Climbing up the Walls... Literally!
8/10/17 AbsoluteFit Friends, #1, Meet Barb!
7/26/17 Natural Light, Endorphins, and Rowing Over the Mountains 
7/6/17 It May Not Be Pretty, But It's Hot!
6/16/17 Hawaiian Vibes with a Bit of AbsoluteFIT
6/1/17 WonderMom Can Do Anything!
5/19/17 Warning: AbsoluteFIT Can Be Habit Forming! 
5/9/17Thwarting Your Genetic Destiny the AbsoluteFIT Way
5/3/17 The Formerly Impossibly Becomes . . . Possible!
4/14/17On the Ropes in AbsoluteFIT
4/7/17 SMASH! 
4/3/17 A Tale of Two Quizzes
3/28/17 A Challenging Week, Indeed! 
3/16/17 Gotta Start Somewhere
3/3/17 AbsoluteFIT Outside the Studio
2/22/17 Motivation Magnet: Get Inspired, Together, by the AbsoluteFITness Challenge 2.0! 
2/3/17 So Long to Going It Solo! 
1/25/17 Getting Out Ahead of a Known Obstacle — With Your Ally, AbsoluteFIT! 
1/17/17 Here I Go Again … and AbsoluteFIT Is Coming With Me!
1/10/17 Robot Fitness Partners: Making Them Work For You
1/3/17 New Year, New You? No! Same You — But Stronger 
12/21/16 Holly Jolly Fitmas
12/7/16 Fightin' With Myself, Oh-oh-oh Fightin' With Myself. . .
12/2/16 Relativity, AbsoluteFIT Style
11/23/16 So Much to Be Thankful For
11/16/16 Want the Sure Cure to What's Ailing You?
11/9/16 How You Know You're An AbsoluteFIT Maniac
11/4/16 101 Thoughts (So Far) on AbsoluteFIT!
10/25/16 Absolute(FIT) Relativity
10/18/16Lydia Does Disney (*again!)
9/29/16 Clearly Through the Smoky Haze
9/27/16IRL AbsoluteFIT: Feats of Everyday Strength! 
9/16/16 Drop and Give me 20!
9/9/16 Support Group
9/6/16 When to Talk About Diets and Weight Loss With Your Kid (Spoiler Alert: DON’T) 
8/30/16Welcome, New Friends!
8/17/16 Toughening Up! 
8/10/16 Fever Dreams 
8/5/16A Little Change'll Do You Good
7/29/16Who's In Your AbsoluteFIT Session
7/20/16Fighting the Allure of Screen Time, AbsoluteFIT-Style
7/13/16Small Epiphanies
7/6/16Studio Spectacular!
6/29/16Sore Muscles, Happy Heart: Getting Back Again (Again)
6/23/16Real-Life Absolute Benefits - Aloha Edition!
6/7/16Compare and Contrast: AbsoluteFIT, FTW!
5/26/16IRL AbsoluteFITness
5/13/16Overdoing It, Juuuuust a Bit? Nah!
5/4/16Inner Strength
4/27/16 Room to Move!
4/22/16 Workout Party at the New Studio 
4/7/16 Whatever Gets You There Is All Good
3/31/16 The Opposite of Pushing It: Downtime 
3/23/16 Pushing It 
3/17/16 I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me 
3/10/16 How to Halt a Backslide, the AbsoluteFIT Way 
3/2/16 AbsoluteFIT Goals and Inspirado: Shoulders Edition 
2/25/16 Tales of Real-Life AbsoluteFITness: Winter Break Edition 
2/12/16 The Power of Love (Week)
2/4/16 Seasonal Hazards: Cookie Patrol Edition
1/27/16 A Few Good Things... The Endorsements
1/22/16 Instacart, DoorDash, and My Hair Are Ruining My Body
1/15/16 Holding Back the Years
1/7/16 Happy New Year!
12/29/15 I'm a Hacker!
12/10/15 Top Five Excuses for Missing an AbsoluteFIT Workout, Obliterated!
12/3/15 PANTSED!
11/25/15 Turkey and Thankfulness
11/20/15 There's No Place Like AbsoluteFIT for the Holidays!
11/12/15 Mixing It Up, Every Time
11/5/15 Candy, Candy, Candy, I Can't Let You Go
10/28/15 Drink Some Haterade
10/22/15 Five For Fitness
10/14/15 Booze and Suger: The Dynamic Duo
10/8/15 Real-Life Fitness Test: Disneyland! 
9/25/15“Fair” Is Only for Renaissances and Counties
9/17/15High School Confidential 
9/9/15 What to Wear When You’re Working Your [Behind] Off 
9/2/15 Use It or Lose It! (And Then Get It Back) 
8/27/15 Batwings, Begone! 
8/19/15 It’s Gotta Be the Food 
8/12/15 (Class) Size Matters 
8/5/15 Memory, Mindfulness, Motivation 
7/29/15 Real-World Superhero Powers, the AbsoluteFIT Way!
7/24/15 Summer Stumbling Blocks
7/21/15 Variety is the Spice of AbsoluteFIT Life
7/14/15 The App Don’t Lie 
7/2/15 Aloooo-haaaaaaa! or: The Price of Indolence 
6/10/15 Poolside Empowerment, the AbsoluteFIT Way 
6/3/15 I Ran  … 
5/27/15 Longhorn Stampede | Running With the Bulls 
5/22/15 Hard Work Pays Off 
5/15/15 The Barre Necessities 
5/5/15 Abfitlutely Fabulous 
4/30/15 The Nutella Chronicles
4/22/15 Back on Track(ing)
4/17/15 Lydia’s AbsoluteFIT Journey | Spring Breakout 
4/14/15 Shake It Up: Pilates Is a Revelation! 
4/2/15 This Little Piggie Cried "Ouch!" 
3/26/15 A Show of Strength 
3/19/15 Counterintuitive Activity 
3/10/15 TCLB: Takin' Care of Lady Bizness 
2/27/15 Nugget is NOT a Food Group
2/17/15 Need Inspiration? Look to Your Left. And Right. 
2/11/15AbFIT Crossover: I Am A Runnin' Fool 
2/4/15 Know That Hit-By-A-Truck Feeling You Get The Day After Working Out?
1/29/15 Outrunning Teenage Me, and Other AbsoluteFIT Tales 
1/21/15 “Me Time” Makes for Better “We Time” 
1/14/15 Reasons, Not So Much Resolutions 
12/30/14 A Heavier Kind of Weight Altogether 
12/11/14In the Sick of It
Me vs. Me, Round 4: The Fourth Assessment
12/2/14 Kicking Off An AbsoluteFIT Holiday Season 
11/26/14 A Habit I Can’t Stand Breaking 
11/14/14 Me vs. Me, Round 3: The Third Assessment 
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