Ray Madronio Fitness Transformation


I signed up for personal training sessions with John Kensit at the end of 2017 with one goal in mind - improving my tennis record in 2018!

I am a 4.5-rated tennis player, and over the years I've represented AVAC in USTA match play against local clubs such as Bay Club Courtside and Los Gatos Swim & Racket. 

Competition has always been fierce as everyone at the other clubs has always taken USTA matches seriously.

During our initial session, I told John that my goal was to win at least 65% of my matches. Based on this goal, John created and trained me in a complete circuit of weight and cardio exercises. He has placed a premium on rotational strength, lateral quickness and shoulder stability. 

Additionally, John has focused on muscle flexibility, proper form and just the right amount of time on the gym floor to promote longevity and resistance to injuries.

I am happy to say that my time and effort with John has clearly paid off. I've started this year at 3-0 whereas last year at the same time, I was at 0-3 playing in the same league.

There have been many times this season where I have felt unbelievably winded and sore, especially towards the middle or end of a second set. Yet I was able to draw upon my workout experiences with John which gave me enough stamina and strength to eventually pull off victories.

It's been an amazing feeling to know that I am fit and can count on my fitness as my foundation during a tennis match and simply focus on strategy and execution to get to a win.

Thank you John and AVAC. Winning is certainly addicting! I am now highly motivated to spend extra time with John to position myself to win even more.

-Ray Madronio, AVAC Member


Ray (left) with AVAC's John Kensit, CPT



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