Class Descriptions

AQUA - High energy, challenging workout, with both deep water & shallow water options. Use your own body weight & water resistance, & or noodles. (1) beginner, (2) intermediate, (combo) mix.
AVAC® CYCLE – A challenging cardiovascular workout that takes you on a realistic ride. Each cycle class can be modified to suit your needs & insure that you get the best workout for your fitness level.
BARRE & ABS - 30 minutes at the ballet barre followed by 25 minutes of intense abdominal work.
BEATS & FEETS – Relieve stress, sweat, & rock out to your favorite songs. A full body workout using drum sticks & a stability ball. Beginners welcome!
BETTER BALANCE – 15 minutes to focus on activities to help with balance.
BOOTCAMP - Cardio interval & strength training class utilizes equipment, body weight, & plyometrics to deliver noticeable changes. Workouts build upon each other to increase total strength, agility, & cardio endurance.
CANDLELIGHT FLOW – Flow through standing poses & relaxing stretches in a peaceful candle lit room.
CARDIO KB BLITZ - High energy workout that combines kick boxing moves with fast paced cardio to challenge the beginner & athlete alike. Burn hundreds of calories, elevate your heart rate, tone your muscles, improve flexibility, coordination. & boost your confidence.
CYCLE: CHALLENGE – Pure cycling through various terrains, speed & intensities. TRX – Perfect blend of cardio & TRX training. Limited to 16 participants. STRENGTH – Cycling to circuit training with intervals to keep your heart pumping.
DANCE FUSION- A fusion of Latin, Jazz, Gentle Hip Hop & Contemporary dance moves with high energy & easy follow moves. (2) weights at the end of class.
DYNAMIC YOGA - An eclectic yoga class. Primarily influenced by Vinyasa yoga & Yoga Tune Up, a blend of asana, corrective exercises, & cutting edge body therapy. The poses, sequences, & routines are multi functional, identifying areas of the body that are over/under or mis-used, building strength and increase range of motion.
GENTLE YOGA – Breathing exercises & meditation, combined with movement & postures that help restore overall balance. An emphasis on proper alignment for safety.
HIP HOP – Learn all the current Hip Hop moves, get a great cardiovascular work-out & have fun all at the same time.
JUST ENOUGH – A variation of classes perfect for those just starting group exercise, post-rehabilitation patients, & the 50+ crowd. Basic, easy to follow, safe & effective workout. Low-to-moderate-intensity aerobics, & finish with body toning & cool down.
LIVE FIT – Focus is on coordination, balance, strength & flexibility using a chair.
MOBILITY – A movement-based class specifically designed to improve joint health by increasing active range of motion as well as quality movement, improve over-all body mechanics & increase body awareness. All of your major joints will be taken through a full range of motion using challenging but doable movement exercises.
POWER FLOW YOGA- Movement through yoga postures is matched with the breath, creating a greater sense of flow, strength, & ease. Establish proper body alignment, improve flexibility & mobility, find a great power within through balancing & strengthening postures & experience a sense of fluid physical motion. Intermediate but customizable to all levels.
ROLL IT OUT – Foam roll out tight & sore areas to speed up muscle recovery.
SIT & BE FIT – Easy to follow basic moves to help strengthen & lengthen muscle & restore balance.
STRETCH & BALANCE – Stretch & lengthen your muscles, help restore energy & balance to your body. Allow your mind to relax & take a moment out of your busy day to pamper yourself.
STRENGTH & CORE – Strengthen each major muscle group to help tone your entire body with extra emphasis on core.
STRENGTH CONDITIONING – Challenge your entire body & build strength.
STRICTLY CORE – 15 minutes of pure ab work.
TABATA - High-intensity interval workout that consists of 8 rounds of exercises each performed for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest! STEP - A HIIT style workout using step routines.
TAI CHI CHIH - Increase vitality & concentration, improve breathing, coordination, & circulation.
TRX BLAST - Covers every major muscle group with TRX strap exercises & movements. Challenge your workouts with high intensity & powerful movements.
YOGA – Gain strength & flexibility, as well as reduce the effects of stress. The instructor will guide you through healthy alignment of many of the basic postures, as well as introduce basic flows & breathing practices. This class is appropriate for ANY beginner, & is the perfect start to developing your yoga practice.
YOGA FLOW & SETTLE – Combines active yoga flow – syncing yoga poses with breathing to support mindful movement – with a longer cool down & stretching portion. Breathing techniques & simple meditations at the end of class help wind you down for the rest of your evening.
ZUMBA®- Latin music, moves & more. Zumba® is sweeping the country with fun, energetic, fast-paced yet easy to follow choreography.
ZUM-BOLLI - Combines the best of Latin & Bollywood steps for an exhilarating dance performance.