Pickleball FAQs

• Do I have to be a member to play pickleball?
o Not at all, as a pickleball guest you have the option to either pay per visit or purchase a punch card pack. Punch card packs are available in either 10 or 20 visits of pickleball play.

• What does a pickleball punch card pack cost?
o Punch card pack of 10 visits is $65
o Punch card pack of 20 visits is $120
o Pay per visit is $9

• Can I share my punch card pack with my family/friends?
o One person per punch card pack. Punch card packs are non-transferable.

• When can I check in with my punch card?
o Pickleball guests may check in during tennis/pickleball office hours, coming to play before or after office hours will result in paying a one-time fee at the front desk or back desk when you check in.

• What are the tennis/pickleball office hours?
o Tennis/Pickleball office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 8 pm, Sat & Sun 8:30 am - 4 pm.

• How long do I have to use my punch card pack?
o Each guest package expires after 120 days.

• Can I purchase a punch card pack for future use?
o Of course! Just speak with the office staff upon purchase.

• Can I reserve a pickleball court?
o Our courts are left open for drop-in-play use throughout the week; we do not use a reservation system for the pickleball courts.

• When is Open Play?
o You are welcome to come in and play at any time the facility is open, we do have designated drop-in play hours M/W/F 6 – 9 pm, Tu/Th/Sat 9 am – 12 pm. You are more likely to find partners to play with during drop-in hours.

• If I’m not a member, what other parts of the AVAC® facility can I use?
o As an AVAC® pickleball guest, only the pickleball courts are available for use.

• Does AVAC® offer a pickleball membership?
o Pickleball is an included amenity for all of our membership options, just like our pool and Group Fit classes. We have many different membership options – feel free to reach out to our membership specialists for more information at 408.445.4910.

• Does AVAC® offer pickleball lessons?
o Yes! We offer private and group lessons. Pickleball drop-in clinics are held Tuesday/Thursday morning from 8:45 - 9:45 am.

• Does AVAC® provide pickelball equipment to use?
o We have paddles and balls that are available free for member use, and pickleball guests can rent a paddle for $2 per paddle per visit.

• Is there any way to check if there are people on court in real time?
o Feel free to call the tennis/pickleball office at 408.445.4915 directly to check on court activity!

• Does AVAC® participate in a pickleball league?
o Currently there is no league play for PB in the local area, but we do hold tournaments and social events throughout the year. Contact the tennis/pickleball office at 408.445.4915 for information regarding our pickleball events.