COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Reserve your spot 49 hours in advance (excluding Indoor Gym, Tennis & Pickleball) through the AVAC® Online Portal
• Instructions on logging into AVAC® Online & Making a Reservation here
• Instructional 'how-to' videos here 

• Parking is only available in the front AVAC®. Currently, the two church lots on Carter Avenue are closed

Entrance/Checking In
Entrance & exit through the Front entrance (on Camden Ave) for indoor gym reservations. Entrance & exit available through tennis gate for all other reservations.

Please don't come if you are sick & be prepared to be screened upon entering


  • Outdoor Areas
    • Tennis, pickleball, group fitness, pool deck—these are NOT mask-free zones.  AVAC members may remove their face coverings when clearly more than 6' away from a member of another household if the type of workout demands it.
    • Continue to wear your mask until your workout begins.
    • Pull your mask over your mouth and nose anytime you're changing workout locations, in common areas, racking your equipment, or wiping down.
    • Pull your mask over your mouth and nose anytime you're within 6' of a member of another household.
    • Remove your mask before entering the pool or hot tub, and promptly replace it once you exit and dry off.
  • Indoor Areas
    • All indoor spaces including locker rooms and bathrooms are mask-required zones.
  • Alternative Face Coverings
    • If you have a medical condition which exempts you from wearing a cloth mask, we ask that you wear a plastic face shield instead.  For your convenience, we have two options available in the AVAC Swim School.  A standard full face shield ($2) and a low-profile, lightweight shield designed to be unobtrusive including while working out ($10).  The latter is the shield all of our swim teachers wear.
    • As a courtesy, our tennis office has 3D "face brackets" for you to insert between your mask and your face, which pushes the cloth off of your mouth, making breathing while exercising easier.  Feel free to ask for one while they last.

Traffic flow & Spacing
• Maintain 6 feet distance from others 
• Follow footprints & arrows to keep a safe traffic flow

• Pack light–– bring your own towel and pre-filled water bottle
• Time your arrival –– please don't arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to your reservation
• Gym & pool reservations will be assessed a $5 fee for all "no shows". Need help cancelling a gym reservation? Call us a minimum of 2 hours in advance at 408.445.4900 to avoid a no show, late cancel, or double booking fee.
• Please plan one reservation a day to allow as many families to utilize the fresh air & outdoor activities as possible.

Sanitization & Cleanliness
• Wash hands, cough/sneeze into sleeves, & be considerate of others around you
• Wipe down anything they touch before & after use. Extra sanitation stations are available throughout the facility
• AVAC® Staff will be standing by inspecting, providing additional cleaning, & disinfecting surfaces 
• All areas will close after each reservation period for a thorough disinfection & inspection
• Daily overnight cleaning will continue as usual with the addition of Biomist complete saturation disinfection of all areas used by members

Restrooms & Changing Areas
• Available bathrooms at are the Men's & Women's locker rooms, Jr. Locker Rooms, Tennis, & at the Back Entrance

View our tennis & pickleball guidelines

View our exposure response plan

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