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We are the Almaden Valley Athletic Club (AVAC) in San Jose, California.  Five acres of pools, fitness studios, tennis courts, pickleball, beer and wine, spas, massage, and so much more.  Now we've gone virtual!

Due to shelter-in-place regulations we've had to shut our physical doors—but our community remains open and vibrant.  Hundreds of our AVAC Members and AVAC Swim School Families are opting to continue their dues and tuition (average $150 per month) to help our team get through this.  In return, they can access to AVAClife as well as some other membership perks while we're on pause.

You can join AVAClife too!  Click here to join online.  Welcome to San Jose's family-owned favorite place for swim, tennis, fitness, & community!

My Letter to the AVAC Community 3.28.20

Dear Friends,

This past week the vibe around AVAC has been eerie, lonely…empty studios, quiet pools, things out of place as our maintenance crews clean and make repairs.  Outside of AVAC it's stunning to see how vacant San Jose is.  Like many of you I'm Bay Area native—I grew up in Campbell, went to St. Lucy, Bellarmine, and local colleges.  I've experienced the best of what this area has to offer as well as the challenges, but I've never seen anything like our current crisis.  Driving in each day, though I'm enjoying the zero traffic and clean air, I have a sinking feeling of how devastating this current crisis might be for some among us, our lives and our livelihoods.

What makes me not only optimistic but joy-filled, in addition to daily Zoom meetings and group texts with my team, is watching how active you all are at the new AVAC--AVAClife.  The participation, camaraderie, late-night watch parties, and messages of encouragement and praise are currently the life of AVAC and I hope they mean as much to you as they do to me.  We intend to continue to build this platform and improve it every day: more classes, spin bike rental/delivery--we're even putting Gabriela back to work with pre-orders for meal-prep being taken right now!  AVAC Personal Trainers are also ready to train you remotely, contact Chris, ccordova@avac.us.

What is important for me to convey to you now, is that my commitment level, and that of my team, to the survival and health of the AVAC community is 100%.  We've talked daily and agreed on a "do whatever it takes" attitude to get through this time, recover quick and strong, and then continue with our mission of being your family-owned favorite place for swim, tennis, fitness and community.

To that end, the AVAC Management Team is actively strategizing on what it will take financially to keep our core services running, maintain facilities, and most importantly, support our staff.  As a recreational service business, most of us do not have the luxury of working from home.  Additionally, we have the responsibility to extend not only wages to our team where we can but maintain all of their families' medical benefits during this time as well.  So, we're aggressively taking advantage of all stimulus opportunities (some are immediate, many will take time) and owners and top managers are pausing or decreasing our own pay, not only to help current period, but to be afford to quickly ramp up our services when we reopen.

Many of you have reached out asking about how you can continue to support our staff, or about the status of your account, and about options for you if things are tight right now.  

Please take a few minutes to decide which of these dues options you are able to support right now, and for Options 2 and 3 please respond no later than Sunday April 5th.  Please know that if you choose to continue dues at this time, your dues are going directly to our staff who are delivering services, maintaining facilities, and providing work opportunity for our staff who have been sidelined.

Option 1: Full Support-AVAC and Staff—No Action Needed, We'll Take Care of It

  • Continue paying your normal dues.  These dues will go directly toward helping us get more AVAC staff paid, and set us up for a successful reopening.
  • You'll earn 10% credit each month we're on pause.  Example: If your dues are $200/month and we're paused for April and May, you'll have a $40 credit waiting for you when we reopen.
  • You and your family continue to enjoy access to AVAClife on Facebook.
  • Gaby's meal prep solutions at wholesale price.
  • Virtual personal training at cost.  Pay goes to the Fitness Trainer, AVAC takes nothing.

Option 2: Keep AVAClife Going—Click Here to Submit this Request

  • Continue paying 50% of your normal dues.  These dues will go directly toward continuing to pay our core staff responsible for continuing programs and basic AVAC services and facilities while we're on pause
  • You and active members on your account continue to enjoy access to AVAClife on Facebook
  • No enrollment fee after the pause

Option 3: Taking a Break—Click Here to Submit this Request

  • Put membership On Hold
  • Waived On-Hold fees while we're on pause
  • No enrollment fee after the pause

Special Requests: As always, if you have a unique need, please reply directly to me, and let me know how we can help.

Like many of you, AVAC is my home and family--I'm AVAC-for-Life.  I was first hired in college in 1999 by the AVAC founders, met my wife here (Danielle, Swim School Director), became a partner in 2018, and I bring my three kids here almost daily.  My team and I are right beside each of you—if there is anything we can do for you at this time, please let me know.  You're part of our AVAC Family.


Jeff Griffith-Jones
General Manager, Almaden Valley Athletic Club®