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Welcome to AVAClife on Facebook

AVACLife, your home gym away from Almaden Valley Athletic Club.  AVACLife is our private Facebook virtual community providing you virtual support to keep your mind & body healthy & active.  The AVACLife schedule offers our most popular classes including HIIT, Yoga, Strength, Zumba & more.  This is not your typical online fitness program, we offer a place for support, communication with other members & staff, & will bring specialty programs based on what our members are looking for.

You can join AVAClife too!  Click here to join online.


How can I access AVACLife?
You must have a Facebook account to access AVACLife & be an active member of the club (either virtual or full membership).  While you are logged into Facebook search for "AVACLife" & request access to the group.  One of our administrators will accept your request. 

How do I view and attend classes on the schedule?
Instructors will create "Events" for their classes.  This can viewed from the "Events" tab at the top of your page or mobile application.  The events tabbed can be located under the top banner.  If you click on an upcoming class and hit "Join" you will receive a notification when class is about to start.  Classes will be streamed live at their scheduled time. View our schedule HERE.
Occasionally we do run into technical difficulties with our live streams.  We do apologize if this happens.  Please be patient with us while we try and troubleshoot.  One of our administrators will offer info regarding the situation on the events page during class.   

Can I view classes from the past?
Yes, Instructor's will archive all of their class content so that you can go back & view classes at a later day & time.  From the web portal and mobile app you should see our banner at the top of the page.  Under that banner you will see categories (from the app they are grey bubbles).  From the mobile app scroll to the left until you find "Topics".  Here you will find classes listed under different workout modalities.  From the web portal the topic bubbles should appear on the right hand side of your Facebook screen or sometimes below the Banner in the middle of your screen (depending on your web browser).  

Who can help me troubleshoot Facebook?
We are here to help you.  Give us a call at 408.445.4900 and one of member service staff can assist you or comment on our page and one of our administrators will assist.  Assuming another member from our community doesn't lend a hand. 

Which device is best for viewing classes?
Classes can be viewed from a desktop computer, Laptop or mobile device with Facebook access (or app).  We suggest viewing classes from a laptop or streaming content from your mobile device to your smart TV.  This will give you better sound quality & picture. 

What happens when audio doesn't match video or the video isn't streaming properly?
There can be many issues that could cause poor connection and quality.  Without getting too detailed here a few suggestions.  Quality of video & sound will depend on your Wi-Fi signal at home (too many devices connected can bog down your connection).  If you can hardwire your device to a LAN line you will have stronger connection.  However, when in doubt always try & refresh your screen, mobile application and Wi-Fi connection.

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