AVACŪ Tennis Ladder


There will be two ladder divisions: Men's Doubles & Women's Doubles.

Season will run from April 6, 2020 through September 26, 2020.

Players will register as a doubles team with the intent of playing with the same partner the entire season. If a player decides to change their partner, a new doubles team must be registered.

If you want to join the ladder but don't have a doubles partner, you may register as a "lone wolf". AVAC® will do it's best to find a partner for you.

Registration is now open! Please register at the AVAC® tennis office, call 408.445.4915, or email.

Finally, each player must pay the AVAC® tennis office
 $15 to register for the season. The fee must be paid in person at the tennis office by March 27, 2020.

Registration will be open through March 27, 2020. The initial ladder will be posted on April 1, 2020. Initially, all teams will start with 0 points.

Season Kickoff
On the evening of April 1, 2020 there will be a kickoff meeting at AVAC® at 6:30 pm. In this meeting we will walk through the rules of the ladder & answer any questions. 

All registered players will receive emails inviting them to the kickoff meeting. All players are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting but at least one player from each team should attend.

All registered players will also receive a list of all players in their division & their email addresses.

Any team on the ladder can challenge any team with the same or higher ranking on the ladder. Ranking is determined by the number of points a team has accumulated. Say team A wants to challenge team B. To issue a challenge, one of the players from team A must send a challenge email. They must send this email to their partner, both players from team B, & avac-tennis-ladder@googlegroups.com.  The email must include three potential match times. The match times must be at least one week in the future but no later than two weeks in the future. 

Team B must respond within three days of receiving the challenge. Either player from team B may respond, preferably after consulting with their partner.

  • If one of the match times offered by Team A works for Team B, they must reply-all to the challenge email stating that they accept the challenge & specify the match time they have accepted.
  • If Team B wants to accept the challenge but none of the times offered by team A work for them, Team B must reply with three alternate times in their response. Both teams can continue to negotiate a playing time but the match must be scheduled within a week of the original challenge request from Team A. If the match is not scheduled within a week of the original challenge request, the challenge is deemed void & neither team receives any points.
  • Finally, if Team B declines the challenge or does not respond within three days of receiving the challenge, they automatically lose 10 points.

Once the match is scheduled, the team issuing the challenge (Team A in the above example) will be responsible for booking the court for the match. If the match is more than three days away, Team A can email avac-tennis-ladder@googlegroups.com to request that the AVAC® tennis office book a court for them.

If a team cancels their match after the match is scheduled, the other team automatically gets 10 points.

A team may only issue one challenge per week.

Ladder Rankings Updates
Ladders will be updated & posted on the tennis notice board at least once a week.

End of Season Party
At the end of the season, there will be a party to celebrate all players who participated in the ladder. At this party, the top 3 teams in each division (6 teams, 12 players total) will receive prizes. Food & beverages will be served.

Match play

All match players must arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time.

  • If one or both players from one of the teams is absent after 15 minutes from the scheduled match time have elapsed, the other team automatically wins the match & receives 40 points.
  • If one or both players from both teams are absent after 15 minutes from the scheduled match time have elapsed, neither team wins & the challenge is deemed void.

Rain out
If a match cannot be completed due to rain, the challenge is deemed void. Neither team receives any points. If you wish to reschedule this match, please do so by re-issuing the challenge following the process described in the Challenges section.

Injuries on court
Once a match has started, if a player gets injured on court during the match & is unable to resume play to complete the match, the other team automatically wins the match and receives 40 points. The team with the injured player receives 20 points.

Each match must be played as one 8-game pro set. 

First team to win 8 games in the set wins the set & the match. If the set score reaches 7-7, teams must play a 7-point tiebreak to determine the set & match winner.

Both teams must mutually agree before the start of the match whether to play the set with regular scoring or no-ad scoring. In case the teams cannot reach an agreement on the scoring method, the team that issued the challenge prevails.

Both teams bring a new can of balls to each match. One team will open their can for the match. The winning team will get the unopened can. The losing team will get the opened can (i.e. balls used in the match).

Reporting scores
Within 24 hours of match completion, one of the players from the winning team must email their match score to all other players who played the match & avac-tennis-ladder@googlegroups.com. The score report must include:

  • Match date & start time
  • Names of all players involved in the match
  • Which team won
  • Match score

If a match score is not reported within 24 hours of the scheduled match time, neither team may receive any points.

If the reported score looks incorrect, other players on the email may reply all and correct it. Within 24 hours of receiving the email, the AVAC® tennis office will record the match score & result. The winning team will receive 40 points. The losing team will receive 20 points.

For all other match play rules not explicitly mentioned above, refer to the January 3, 2020 version of the USTA NorCal League Regulations (http://bit.ly/usta-norcal-2020-rules)