COVID19 AVACŪ Tennis & Pickleball Guidelines

• Tennis & Pickleball Play Hours Monday - Friday 9 - 8 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9 - 5 pm.
• Tennis is limited to all AVAC® Tennis Members, & Pickleball is limited to all AVAC® members.
• Jr. Tennis Summer Camps are allowed in a stable group of 12 kids.
• No Drop-In tennis social gatherings.
• Bring your own equipment to play i.e. rackets & tennis balls including water & towels.
• Benches on all courts have been removed. Barbecue use is suspended. Deck 1 & 2 are CLOSED.
• Ball Machine use is available starting in August 2020 but only during specific times of the day. Please call the tennis office at 408.445.4915 for more information.
• Everyone must check–in at the tennis office before they go to the courts.


  • Tennis, pickleball, group fitness, pool deck—these are NOT mask-free zones.  AVAC members may remove their face coverings when clearly more than 6' away from a member of another household if the type of workout demands it.
  • Continue to wear your mask until your workout begins.
  • Pull your mask over your mouth and nose anytime you're changing workout locations, in common areas, racking your equipment, or wiping down.
  • Pull your mask over your mouth and nose anytime you're within 6' of a member of another household.
  • Remove your mask before entering the pool or hot tub, and promptly replace it once you exit and dry off.

How To Schedule Play:

• All Tennis & Pickleball court reservations will be made by calling the tennis office at 408.445.4915.
• Tennis Members can make court reservations 3 days in advance. You will be asked for your name & all names of who are playing with you.
• Tennis members can reserve a court for 1.5 hours and one reservation per day per member.
• Thirty (30) minute periods will be placed in between each 1 hour reservation to minimize contact with others & allow AVAC® staff to clean the courts for the next reservation.
• AVAC® tennis & fitness members will be allowed to reserve pickleball courts numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 only in 1 hour periods by calling the tennis office at 408.445.4915.
• Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your court reservation. When your play is completed individuals should leave AVAC®, no lingering.
• If you cannot make your court reservation time please call & cancel your reservation to free the court time for another member.