Senior Wellness

Mind • Body • Spirit

AVAC’s Wellness Program is designed to help members develop and maintain total fitness of mind and body and spirit. It includes an abundance of features and benefits – each formulated with care and responsibility by our team of experts who know how we can get better as we get older. Mission: To provide exceptional care to all members and their guests, in an environment that supports personal and social well-being.



AVAC® strives to enrich all areas of your lifestyle, not just physical. For decades, our wellness programs have done exactly that through education, social events, trips, mindful meditation and more. Occurs the first Tuesday of every month.


Exercising your mind. Game day is held in our Poolside Cafe. Games include Mah Jongg and Mexican Train.


Trips to the theater, sports, museums, sporting events, and shopping. Birthday celebrations in the Poolside Café. Potluck dinners, restaurant dining and special destinations, including international trips.

In addition to our programs, we help our members by offering guidance through life's challenges. Our Wellness program offers a place for people to receive physical, emotional, and family support.


Basic Strength

  • Each movement is broken down to its basic principals. Learn how to safely acquire muscular strength and endurance.


Gentle Yoga

  • Provides gentle muscle stretching, & range of motion around the joints. Breathing & relaxation techniques promote total relaxation & mind, body harmony.


Gentle Pilates

  • Helps improve posture & prevent fatigue. Fun & stress-free!


Just Enough

  • For people just starting group exercise, or in post-rehabilitation. Easy-to-follow, low impact moves.



  • Movement-based class designed to improve joint health. All of our major joints will be taken through a full range of motion using challenging but doable movement exercises.


Personal Training

  • A more personal exercise program with the professional expertise to reach your goals. One-on-one attention – you set your priorities.


Spring Chickens™

  • Basic movement patterns utilizing front / back & side-to-side steps. Key ingredients are balance, stretch & relaxation exercises.


Tai Chi

  • Helps develop balance, reduce stress & achieve serenity. Breathing, stretching, & movement.



  • Provides muscle stretching, & range of motion around the joints. Breathing & relaxation techniques promote total relaxation & mind, body harmony.


Water Fitness

  • For people who want to work at their own fitness levels, and have some fun! Aqua instructors offer a variety of styles and many convenient time slots to choose from.


Zumba Gold®

  • For those who are just starting out and want to join in the dance. Steps are slower, but same Latin music & energy. Emphasize on learning the basic Latin rhythms as well.




You can achieve remarkable lifestyle changes by taking advantage of AVAC's personalized nutrition programs. Learn how to change your body composition, increase strength and energy, while losing, gaining, or maintaining your weight.

Massage Therapy

Massage has been known to relieve some symptoms and conditions associated with aging and chronic pain. Human touch, combined with relaxation may help with moods, range of motion, posture, and overall awareness. Massage over a period of time can also help with blood circulation, inflammation in joints, and even sleep disorders.

We offer a wide variety of massage styles that will line up with your personal needs. From trigger point, to oncology (addresses needs of cancer patients), our massage therapists will work with you to get the most out of your session.

For more information on our Wellness Program please contact our Wellness Director Mary Ann Smith (Bio) at or 408.445.4931.