Nutrition Seminars with Vesna Mardesic

“Eating to Reach Your Goals” July, 21 | 7 pm
   • How much should I be eating?
   • What should I be eating?
   • When should I be eating?
   • Hunger vs. appetite
   • Top 5 foods to avoid
“Why does your body need protein?” August 18 | 7 pm
   • How much protein should I be eating?
   • How to incorporate protein into my diet
   • Alternative/lean sources of protein
   • How to incorporate protein for different lifestyle choices
            o Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.

 “Planning Your Week” September 15 | 7 pm
   • Plan ahead and strategize for success
   • Meal prepping
   • Know yourself
   • Make it fun
   • Cheat meal

“Eating for the Holidays” October 20 | 7 pm
   • Plan ahead and strategize for success
   • Healthy alternatives
   • Know the what’s on the menu
   • Tips to control your appetite
   • Modify your exercise routine
   • Wine and cocktails

Held in AVAC's Conference Room

AVAC® Member | $15 per seminar
Non-Member | $20 per seminar

Sign up for 2 - 3 seminars and receive a 30 minute nutrition consultation
Sign up for all 4 seminars and receive a 1 hour nutrition consultation

To register call 408.445.4926 or email us.

You can achieve remarkable lifestyle changes by taking advantage of AVAC's personalized nutrition programs. Learn how to change your body composition, increase strength and energy, while losing, gaining, or maintaining your weight.

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