Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

Core Skill Classes

Our swim lesson progression is based on our philosophy of creating comfortable and confident swimmers. Each level builds upon the previous ranging from the beginning of water safety to advanced technique for all four strokes. Your swimmer(s) will earn a ribbon when mastering the primary skills in a level, this is to acknowledge your swimmer(s) achievement and ensure consistent feedback for ongoing progress.

We offer once a week classes, for 30-minutes, year-round at AVAC Swim School®. Once you have registered your child for his/her swim class, you will attend the same class each week (Mondays from 10 - 10:30, for example). Students over the age of 3 are in small group classes with a 4:1 student to teacher ratio.


FREE Splash, Play, Learn. Being in the water with your little one is an amazing and rewarding experience.

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Our introductory parent-tot class, geared towards babies 4-18 months old, focusing on comfort in the water, basic swimming skills and water safety.

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Our parent-tot class geared for our older toddlers focusing on basic swimming skills, water safety, and independent movement.

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The beginning of your child's transition into independent water exploration.

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Sea Horse

Your child will be working on increasing their breath control and will begin the process of being able to roll from their back to their stomach.

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An introduction to correct head/body positioning through proper glides for about 10ft and continual work on circle swims in the deep end.

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Your child will be learning the proper kicking technique while using the same prone glide position they learned in the Jellyfish level.

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Sea Turtle

Once the foundation of kicks has been established Sea Turtles start working on learning proper arm strokes and must complete 4 proper arm strokes with tagging.

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Otters will be increasing their endurance by doing 6 proper arm strokes.

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Our porpoise’s focus on learning 1-2-bubbles-breathe with proper side breathing and beginning to learn backstroke.

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Sea Lion

Sea Lion’s continue to work on a more advanced technique of 1-2-bubbles breathe and backstroke.

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Marlins work on becoming masters of freestyle and backstroke.

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In the Orca level your swimmer will work towards mastering breaststroke.

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Flying Fish

In the Flying Fish level your swimmer will work towards mastering butterfly.

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Flying Fish 2

Our Flying Fish 2 class is designed to focus on technique while exposing your child to more endurance work.

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The Hammerhead level is our last level and is geared primarily toward endurance with a portion of the class focused on technique.

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Pre Comp

Pre-Comp is offered for swimmers Flying Fish and above to prepare swimmers for a competitive swim team.

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Where To Find Us


Mon thru Fri - 5 am to 10 pm
Sat and Sun - 6:30 am to 8 pm

5400 Camden Ave
San Jose, California 95124