Junior Tennis FAQs

What is the make-up policy? 

Please view our Junior Recreation make-up policy here.

Should I sign up my junior for private or group lesson?

 To make this decision, you must weigh a number of factors, including the interest and skill level of your junior, as well the expense involved. Private lessons are more expensive than group lessons, but players typically make quicker progress with private lessons. However, to take maximum advantage of private lessons, the junior should have shown a real interest and commitment to becoming a better tennis player. If you choose group lessons, you can always take private lessons at the same time or after your group lessons end.

How do I sign up my junior up for private lessons?

You can contact any of the pros on our staff and schedule a time to talk with one of them.

Where do I start? What is the first class I should enroll my Junior in?

Contact the AVAC® Tennis office at 408.445.4915 and we will help you determine which class best suits your child. We can schedule a free evaluation with one our Head of Player Development, Josh Donaldson.

What do I do if I’m uncertain about which class to enroll my junior?

 If you’re uncertain, you can call us at 408.445.4915, or email us to discuss any question. You can also schedule a free evaluation with one of the Junior Program Directors. Evaluations take place 15 minutes before each class, clinic or training session.

What if my junior has never played tennis… should I sign-up my junior?
Yes! You can go ahead and sign-up—and then come to the first class that meets your schedule. If it’s your junior’s first lesson with AVAC®, we ask that you let us know when you’re coming to your first lesson. This helps our instructors better prepare a lesson plan for that class. For more information, call us at 408.445.4915, or email us.

When will my junior move to a higher level class or clinic?
When your junior masters the core skills at one level, the AVAC® pros will recommend moving your junior to a higher level. AVAC® has established advancement criteria and our instructors will share that with you as you join the program.

Click here for a list of our Pro Teaching Staff.

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