• Members must check-in at front desk, back desk, or tennis office prior to using the tennis courts during non-tennis office hours of operation.
• Proper tennis attire is required for play. No cutoffs or jeans or street clothes. Shirts are to be worn at all times. Proper tennis shoes are required for play i.e. no sandals, non-marking or running shoes are permitted on tennis courts.
• No food or drinks (other than water) on the tennis courts. No smoking or amplified music are allowed on the courts at any time.
• Players are limited to a 1 1/2 hour playing limit per reservation.
• Waiting players: Please show the proper courtesy, allowing on-court players to finish out the point being played prior to walking onto the court.
• No profanity or abusive language while playing.
• Players must be on their court within 15 minutes of the reservation time or forfeit the court. One person cannot "hold" the court for other players who may be late. The court is forfeited unless all players are present.
• Members must check-in at front desk or back desk of AVAC prior to using the tennis courts during non-tennis office hours of operation. Members are responsible for checking their guests into the Club.

Court Cancellation Fee
Court space is a valuable resource at the club & we want to make sure that everyone who wants to play gets the opportunity to. If you are unable to make your reservation time, please take a couple minutes to either cancel on the app or call the club to let us know you cannot make your time so we can free the court up for someone else.

To ensure fairness, there is a $20 no show fee to players who do not cancel reservations they will not be attending. We have also removed bookings if players have not shown up within 20 minutes without notifying the club.

Registration policies.

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