Mixed 40 & Over

Playing season: September 14 - December 2020
Despite Covid-19 it is expected that this league will be played as originally planned for 2020.

This league allows men and women to partner in doubles matches against other players age 40 and over.

Team levels are: 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0.

The combined levels of partners may not exceed the level of the team. For example, a 7.0 team may pair two 3.5 level players, or a 3.0 and a 4.0 level player.

Match data from this league is only used toward year-end rating calculations if no other leagues are played.

See the USTA NorCal Mixed 40 & Over page for more detailed information, including age and level restrictions, post-season playoff dates, and more.

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