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Manage your account, payments, class registrations, & more with our club database system. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you cannot access your account. Email or call 408.445.4940.


  • Manage your membership, fitness packages, tennis court bookings, & jr. tennis packages
  • We now take American Express
  • New dedicated AVAC® mobile app
  • Online child care registration
  • Simplified online special event registration
  • View your charges, invoices, & receipts
  • Access your account from any internet browser & smart phone

Get Started:

  • Visit https://avac.clubautomation.com
  • Once on the site, locate the "Access My Account" button listed under "First time here?"
  • Follow the steps to create your account
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  • In the "Register Now" window, enter your first name, last name, & email address under "Find my account". After entering your information, select "search" in the bottom right corner.
  • Once your account has been identified, you will receive a prompt saying, "We found your account." A verification email will be sent to your email address with the final login instructions.
  • The email you receive includes a verification link that needs to be opened to complete the setup of process. Once the link is selected, you will be directed to an information page where you will enter/verify your personal information.
  • Note: You will only be directed to this information page during your initial log in. Future logins will not require this step
  • Complete all required fields on the information page, agree to the standard liability waiver, & select "Save Account". You will then be directed to the member portal home page.

Standard Login:

  • Enter your username (your email address) & password in the "Login to Club" box.
  • If you have any problems accessing your account, select "forgot your password?" & a new verification link will be sent to your email. If you need help accessing your account or the email you provided isn't recognized by the system, contact us further assistance.

Member Portal Overview:

  • Your "Home" page includes:
    • Current balance & membership type – these will be listed just below your name
    • Club Announcements – review for updates or announcements from the club.
    • Upcoming events & registrations – listed on the right side of the home screen will be upcoming class or program registrations, personal training sessions, private lessons, etc.
    • Note: if you are the primary account holder, select the drop-down menu to the right of your name to navigate to different family members' profile

The App:
  • You must first create your account from the website, https://avac.clubautomation.com, follow the steps above in the "Get Started" section 
  • From a home screen, tap App Store Icon
  • Search "Almaden Valley Athletic Club®", Android users search "AVAC®"
  • Tap "get" then tap install
  • If prompted, sign in to the iTunes Store to complete the install

 Some App Features:

  • When users log-in, the first screen they will see their access card number at the top of the screen, the activity they may be doing for that day & the menu
  • Membership card: This is your unique bar-code scan that will be used to check-in. The member scan can be accessed from this initial home page. This is going to be the virtual membership card in the app that can be scanned from the phone. For Apple devices, you can add Membership Card to Passbook for easy check-in by selecting the "Add to Wallet" at the top of the scan code
  • Activity: Displays the current user's registrations & will default to the current day. You can toggle between different days by scrolling to the left or right to view your past or future activity
  • Menu: At the bottom are the different menus the user can navigate to for different app functions
  • Profile Information: Once clicked, users will have the ability to edit personal information (except first, last name and DOB), view their current user groups, & view a list of linked members.
  • Statements: Users have the ability to view their current or previous months' statements, along with the option to email these statements.
  • Packages: Users will have the ability to view any current packages the user has. It will also display any expired or used packages
  • Check-in History: Gives users the ability to click into & see their check-ins over a date range. The dates will default from the 1st of the current month, to the present day. The user's email will automatically populate in the "Send Check-In Report To" field, but can be changed if need be. The email will include the user's check-ins in an attached PDF document
  • Login Information: Users will have the ability to change their username and/or their password for their personal app & member portal login through this menu
  • Browse programming for different departments through the app. Users can also search by specific criteria such as location, category, instructor, age or specific program
  • Register & Pay – By clicking into the desired program, the user will see extra info pertaining to that program, and they can then proceed to register by clicking "Sign Up." They will then be prompted to take payment upon confirming.
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Booking Reservations & Fitness Classes:

  •  Booking On The Member Portal:
    • Locate & click on "Group Activities" on the left side bar.
    • Hit the drop down menu & filter event type to "facility" (it is recommended to also filter by day)
    • Once you have found your reservation window, click on "Learn More" on the right hand side
    • Hit "Sign up" to book your reservation. If you have family members on your account please click on the family member who will be attending this reservation slot until it becomes highlighted in green & hit "Register"
    • Reservations for ALL AVAC® programs (excluding Tennis, Pickleball, Indoor Gym, & Outdoor Gym) are a unified 49 hours in advance. So, for an upcoming Monday 6:30 am Outdoor Fitness Center session you'll be able to register on the AVAC® Online Portal or app as early as 5:30 am this Saturday.
    • Please do not arrive early which will create crowding. Feel free to enter anytime after your reservation starts—no need to arrive promptly at your start time
  • Booking On The App:
  • Classes: Will default to the current day. You can toggle between days by scrolling to the left or right.
  • Find your workout slot by scrolling through the options.
  • Click on the slot, hit the sign up button at the bottom of the page & confirm on the next screen.
  • To cancel your reservation go back to the reserved slot and hit "unregister" down at the bottom. 

Pickleball Reservations.

Tennis Reservations.

Child Care Reservations:

  • Log in to the AVAC Online Portal at https://avac.clubautomation.com.
  • Navigate to and click on "Childcare Reservation" on the left
    • If you do not see "Childcare Reservation," contact us so we can link your child(ren) to your membership: [email protected] or 408.445.4941 
  • Select the child(ren) you want to reserve for, the date, and then the available time slot.
  • Double-check that this is the reservation you want, and click "confirm."
  • You will now see your reservation at the top of the screen, and a link to cancel on the right if you need to.
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