Laurel Rudd

Group Fitness Instructor


  • Zumba
  • Total Body Conditioning

Education and Certification

• AAFA Group Exercise
• Zumba: Basics 1, Basics 2, Toning

“I have been teaching group exercise for more than 25 years. I remember walking into my first aerobic class, the front desk suggested I start with a beginning class, but I opted for the advanced class. The students were all ages, shapes and sizes. I lasted approximately 10 minutes! There was my challenge – after about a year, I began to teach my own aerobic class and have been teaching ever since. Like many instructors, I’m dedicating most of my energies towards Zumba. It’s so refreshing, rewarding and fun. It has given group exercise a huge boost and appeals to everyone. I currently teach Total Body Conditioning and Zumba. My goal for any class I teach is to ensure everyone feels successful at the end of their workout.”

Almaden Valley Athletic Club
5400 Camden Ave [at Kooser Road] | San Jose, CA 95124
 408.445.4900   [email protected]