Alyssa Prettyman

AbsoluteFIT Coach

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Education/Certification/Personal Accomplishments:

  • Red Cross CPR, AED & First Aid Certified

In 2004, I herniated a disk in my low back and couldn’t walk for a month. I was 24 years old. Little did I know, this time of tremendous pain and suffering would lead to a discovery that would change the course of my life. In addition to back issues, I was trapped in a cycle of self-loathing and feeling like I was a failure because I was slow to find my way in the world after college. I was never successful enough, I was never thin enough, I just never felt good…enough.

My journey into yoga started as a search for pain relief, but, within a couple weeks, I was noticing changes in my body that I’d been unable to achieve simply strapping myself to a treadmill and doing a bunch of crunches. I felt strong. I felt stable. I felt good.

But the “good” I felt was bigger than the physical good. I remember those early days, dropping into a sweet savasana and feeling like it was beyond this world. I remember feeling like I could handle the daily stresses of life with more grace and poise than the frantic 20-something I’d been only months before. I was hooked. With only six months of training under my belt, I begged my studio owner to let me sign up for a 200-hour training. And so it began.

In the early days, I was very much into “hot power yoga,” as that was the doorway I found into the yoga universe. But over the years, my interest was piqued by concepts and strategies I learned about in Functional Movement training programs, meditation and Yin intensives, and restorative workshops. Where it all gelled for me was when I took my first ball-rolling/self-massage class. The sensation was intense, and, without breath and focus, there was no way to get through to the other side. I found yoga in the work of staying present with the body during deep tissue relief, and I also found a new way to manage pain and improve performance in my own body. Fusing the sciences of functional movement, yoga, and self-massage have helped me develop a highly-adaptable and accessible style of teaching. Whether it’s Vinyasa, Self Massage, or a Gentle modality, you can expect plenty of variations, a light-hearted approach, and the opportunity to work where you are at.


  • Specialized Yoga
  • Health & wellness

Almaden Valley Athletic Club
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