Pool Rules & Guidelines

Use of the pool, enforcement of rules, and schedule changes are at the discretion of AVAC lifeguards & management.

  • No flotation devices (including & not limited to water-wings, inner-tubes, beach balls, & pool noodles). Kick boards & pull buoys may be used by lap swimmers only. Requests to use a Coast Guard approved life jacket should go to an AVAC Manager.
  • Small safe balls & diving toys that are utilized safely are permitted. Objects that are thrown into the lap lanes will be confiscated by the lifeguards & returned at the end of the day.
  • Lap lanes are for responsible lap swimmers only. Proper lane swimming etiquette will be enforced.
    • Communicate with fellow members. Ask before you enter a lane.
    • Choose a lane split method such as split or circle, & whether you’ll be starting at opposite ends.
    • Stick to your side of the lane & be mindful of your body positioning & swim aids.
    • If your swimming style, swim aids, or preferred stroke tends to take up more than half the lane, consider swimming at a less-popular time such as later in the morning or mid-day.
  • Adult swim is called 15 minutes before each hour when lifeguards are on. This is an adult only pool & spa time.
  • Spa: The spa is for adults 15 & older. Children tall enough to stand flat footed with their head completely out of the water may use the spa with direct supervision.
  • No hanging, sitting or standing on the lane lines.
  • No running on the pool deck.
  • Mermaid fins are permitted at the lifeguard’s discretion. If misused or becomes an obstacle, they will be ask for it to be removed.
  • Children in the wading pool must have adult supervision at all times (within arm’s reach of child).
  • Re-usable swim diapers are required for all children under the age of three & for all non-potty trained swimmers.
  • Diving:
    • Diving is permitted only in the 9’ section
    • Safe jumps and dives only
    • Lifeguards have discretion on safe use of the deep end
  • Outside Food, Drinks, & Personal Belongings:
    • No distilled spirits allowed on-site (per our ABC license)
    • No glass bottles around the pool area
    • AVAC requests members limit outside food & drinks to a small picnic suitable to the size of your party. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any personal items, including outside food and drinks.
    • Large hard-sided coolers around the pool, personal amplified music, outside furniture, & large quantities of food & drink can create hazards, distractions, & excess garbage which we’re unable to handle. Please understand that personal equipment, food, or drink which affects AVAC’s safety or ambiance may be removed by management.
  • All swimmers under 15 years old must use the Jr Locker rooms located on the outdoor pool deck, the indoor locker rooms are for Adults only.

Winter Hours: The pool closes at 9 pm on weekdays and 7 pm on weekends.

Adult Supervision Guidelines

Age of Child Lifeguard on Duty No Lifeguard on Duty
0-8 Direct adult supervision Direct adult supervision

Adult must remain on the AVAC campus Direct adult supervision
Parent may drop off after providing AVAC
Front Desk with contact information.
Direct adult supervision
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