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AVAC is doubling down on safety procedures amid the recent spike of COVID in Santa Clara County. Like you, we're hopeful that this is simply a holiday surge which will be over quickly. However, given how close this surge has been getting to our members and staff, we're not going to wait on the sidelines to see its effect. For the next week and beyond we are taking active steps to reduce the likelihood of community transmission at AVAC.

Here's What To Expect:

  • AVAC Membership and Accounting will be available remotely at [email protected] and 408.445.4914, or in person by appointment.
  • Our staff will be running lean to prevent close contacts, and allow concerned staff members to stay home. Thank you for your patience with this.
  • Masks indoors are mandatory and will be enforced.
  • Some group classes will see a slight decrease in capacity to return to ensuring 6'+ spacing between members.
  • Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding, and adherence to our ongoing safety measures and constant adaptation to our surroundings. We will continue to keep a sharp eye on the situation, maximize the services we are able to provide at any given time, yet always prioritize safety within the AVAC community.