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Group Fitness classes are included with your AVAC Membership.
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• Class size limited to 18 - 30 participants. Reservation required.
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Class Descriptions

Strength, Cardio and HIIT:
Total Body Training 
Tone and strengthen each muscle group. Total body workouts increase the body's efficiency to burn calories even when we are in our resting state. This is the most efficient way to burn calories and gain strength due to the variety of movements and exercises that are integrated into each session. A time efficient way to keep your body burning fat for hours!

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts require you to exert maximum energy during short periods of time followed by brief periods of recovery. You'll work up a sweat fast, working at a very intense level and then backing off for a slower recovery period, followed by another round of high intensity.

Routines include high intensity interval training, hill climbs and other variations. Learning curve is very short – just sit down and pedal! You control your own intensity by changing your speed or tension. You will be inspired to push yourself harder each time you attend our class. Intensity level varies from class to class.

An interval-style dance fitness party that combines low-intensity and high-intensity moves. Burn lots of calories while moving to the rhythm with Latin-inspired dance moves. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, and boosted energy. Feels like a dance party!

Fusion and Mobility:
Pilates/Barre Fusion
Incorporates exercises from different workout styles—including barre, Pilates, yoga, and strength training—to give a modern twist to Mat Pilates and Barre. We will utilize props such as the foam roller, Theraband, and magic circle. This style has a deep focus on the core and emphasizes moves that will tone, stretch, and elongate muscles.

Class blends dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts, with an approach that will stimulate you to rethink the way you feel about fitness, focusing on how your body feels. It will pump your heart, spark your spirit, lubricate your joints, motivate your mind, release tension, enhance your balance and tone your muscles with expressive movement, and mindful awareness.

Fitness Mobility
Improves strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and core strength. Focus is on the whole body, feet, knees, hips, and shoulders. Based on the popular Pilates Method. All ages.

Balance and Strength
Involves exercises that strengthen the muscles for not only legs and core but also focus on the core inner strength. Finishes off with a relaxing stretch.

Power Vinyasa
A flow that will take your yoga practice to the next level. Yes, the flow will be challenging and offer opportunities to expand your asana (postures) practice - but you'll also learn how to integrate breathwork, concentration techniques and dive into the rich toolset that yoga offers while refining your physical practice.

Mindful Vinyasa
Challenges the body, builds stability, strength, and improves range of motion through mindful movement. Moving with intention while uniting breath with movement will increase awareness of sensations and feeling in the present moment while relaxing the body and mind to reduce stress. All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga
Cultivates balance, flexibility, & strength. Class begins with breath awareness. After warm-up stretches, there are standing & strengthening postures. After these more dynamic movements, the class returns to the floor to cool down & for rest. You will leave class in a more relaxed and blissful state. For beginners to experienced yogis.

Hands-On Assisted Yoga
Learn to refine your yoga practice in a group setting. Seasoned yoga instructor, Alyssa Prettyman, will guide you through a traditional hatha/vinyasa yoga class while leaving time and space for one-on-one assists and break out sessions that will leave you feeling supported and confident in progressing your practice.

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