Debbie Chrisman

Group Fitness Instructor



  • Kickboxing

Education & Certification
AFFA Certification
Turbo Kick Certification
Body Combat Certification
More than 30 experience in the fitness industry

"I have been employed in the fitness industry for over 30 years but spent many years in college & graduate school pursuing clinical psychology. I found that I was always advising my clients to get to the gym or do something physical outside because movement is a natural remedy for dealing with stress. Over the years I found I was a much better trainer than I was a therapist & was fortunate enough to be able to work part time with flexible hours while raising my four daughters. I always try and remind my clients that any bit of movement is better than none at. It will inspire better parenting, better relationships, improved health & creativity! You just gotta do it!"

Almaden Valley Athletic Club
5400 Camden Ave [at Kooser Road] | San Jose, CA 95124
 408.445.4900   [email protected]