Success Stories

"My doctors tell me I am the healthiest I've ever been!"  

"2 years ago my autoimmune disease was limiting my mobility & causing severe pain. I met with Ashley, AVAC® trainer in hopes of an exercise plan to reduce further inflammation & WOW... it's been amazing! Thanks to my "AVAC® All-Star Team" of Ashley, Laura, & Bess, my days are now PAIN FREE & I can keep up with my granddaughers like never before. Even though weight loss wasn't my primary goal, I've lost over 75 pounds as an added benefit! They've completely transformed my life!

-Inez, Member
AVAC's "WOW Team"

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How Linda Regained Control Over Her Emotional & Physical Health

"These past few years have been a challenge to say the least. In 2016 I had a complete left hip replacement that left me with a pronounced limp and residual pain. The following year I took a bad fall which resulted in a fibula fracture and broken heel. To make matters worse, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia. I was gaining weight, quit exercising, and felt too old and damaged to work out. I felt like giving up..."

-Linda Smith, Member
with Bess Mahaney, AVAC® Certified Pilates Instructor

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"John was the catalyst who enabled me to realize my health goals."

"I was overweight and pre-diabetic for 20 years when I finally decided to seek help. My goal was to lose 75 pounds, but I didn't know where to start -- I was afraid I would injure myself and fail. I signed up for a personal training session with John Kensit, who introduced me to AVAC's equipment, proper stretching techniques, metabolic conditioning and an overall workout strategy. Since the start, I have lost 75 pounds, am no longer pre-diabetic, and have lowered my LDL's to a safe range."

-Basim, Member
with John Kensit, AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer

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"Marcy is exceptionally motivating and encouraging!"

"After my serious car accident that required 2 1/2 years of therapy, my goal was to transition from physical therapy to independent strength exercises. Marcy worked slowly with me an gradually helped me build my strength. She listened to my needs and made modifications accordingly. I can see the results in my toned figure, lost inches, and overall weight loss. I am so grateful to be working with Marcy!"

-Claire Smith, Member (pictured, right)
Marcy Poindexter, AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer

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"I highly recommend Jackie as a trainer. She knows her stuff!"

"Jackie continually keeps my workout fresh with different routines that focus on my problem areas. She has taught me how to make consistent improvements, proper positioning, and how to exercise most effectively for strength, tone and stamina. She pushes me just the right amount to keep me moving forward!"

-Liz Cabral, Member
with Jackie Vail AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer

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"I was so happy to discover Jackie Vail's Guided Strength and Movement class at AVAC®! ... I love the social aspect of working out with others, I get expert training from Jackie, and I have fun during class. Plus... it's affordable!"

-Nancy Williams, Member
with Jackie Vail | AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer

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Avid AVAC® tennis player, Ray Madronio had one main fitness goal: Win at least 65% of his matches. After training with AVAC 's John Kensit, Ray states, "My time and effort with John has clearly paid off! I started this year at 3-0 whereas last year I was at 0-3 in the same league. It's been an amazing feeling to know that I am fit and can count on my fitness as my foundation during a tennis match and simply focus on strategy and execution to get to a win." 

-Ray Madronio, Member
with John Kensit | AVAC Certified Personal Trainer

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"At my highest weight of 294 pounds, I didn't even like to hear the word burpee, much less actually do one! Personal training with Marcy individually and in her REV IT UP class has changed all of that."

-Peggy Thrall | Rev It Up Participant
Before and After Transformation

"My client Peggy is now living her life to the fullest— ticking off bucket list items that were once impossible!"

-Marcy Poindexter, AVAC® Personal Trainer

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"Marie Diercks is a nice person and an excellent instructor! She motivates me to do exercises correctly, and l like how she explains things. With the exercises she shows me, I feel that my body has changed for the better.

From her class "Absolute Butts and Guts," I feel that my glutes are more defined. I love AbsoluteFIT classes at AVAC®, and would recommend them to everybody!"

-Doris Bielik, Member
with Marie Diercks (AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer)


"I am so grateful for what the Bikini Bod Squad class has done for me. 16 weeks in and I feel stronger than I ever have before and my body is capable of doing things I never thought I would have had the strength to do. Shannon [Larsen] is wonderful and she makes every class fun. Can't wait for the next session to start!"

-Jess, Bikini Bod Squad Participant
Before & After | Shannon Larsen's Bikini Bod Squad Program


"Thank you to the AVAC® Team, and especially John Kensit. Upon starting my workouts with John I weighed in 250+ pounds. With John's knowledge, experience and training regimen, I now weigh 219 pounds! It was a challenge, but so worth it. And I feel GREAT!

Thank you John, and thank you AVAC®. Keep up the good work!!"

-Alex Oceguera, "MetCon" Metabolic Conditioning Participant
with John Kensit (AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer)


"After about 8 weeks with Marcy Poindexter's plan, I had lost 20 pounds. I was half-way towards my original goal. I continued on, and three months later I had lost almost 50 pounds! I'd effectively smashed my goal in less than 6 months due to Marcy's regimen!"

-Alex Pamboris, Member
Before & After

 "We cannot say enough great things about our trainer, Jackie Vail. We have been working with Jackie for about 10 months and have enjoyed our training sessions with her every time! Working with a couple is not an easy task. Jackie manages to meet our personal needs and expectations seamlessly.  She takes into consideration our physical, mental, and age-related needs. Jackie trains not only our body but our mind. She varies the equipment we use and utilizes our own body weight. She pairs us for fun activities and we always laugh together. Jackie makes training enjoyable and we leave each session feeling healthier and more knowledgeable..."

-Randy & Bitsey Stark, Members
 with Jackie Vail (AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer)


  "I started personal training sessions with Ashley this summer, and for the first time in a very long time I was motivated to workout. I look forward to my training sessions, Ashley always knows just how much to challenge, encourage, and push me. As I started making progress I found myself wanting more and added in Ashley's AbsoluteFit classes. I love them and I am hooked!..." 

-Gretchen McGarry (AbsoluteFIT Participant)
 with Ashley Ingoglia (AVAC® Certified Personal Trainer)





"The results in just 12 plus weeks have been not only noticeable to others, but most importantly to myself in my overall flexibility, range of motion and let's not forget...strength. Thank you AVAC® for offering such a wonderful program, where desire is created by your great staff... To feel and look great."

-Manny Rios
AbsoluteFIT Participant


"My experiences with the staff and members at AVAC® have been and continue to be a positive motivating force in my life. I encourage every member to take advantage of the wonderful trainers and programs offered at AVAC®. Thank you AVAC® and thank you Marcy!"

-Nathan Fouts
AbsoluteFIT Participant


"I was amazed at the results...I was able to achieve a much better workout than if attempting to do these sets on my own."

-Jennifer Turk, AbsoluteFIT Participant 


"The AbsoluteFIT classes are part of our workout routine and we love it! The different HIIT classes involve different exercise programs and complement each other for overall fitness. We are in much better shape physically for sure and the workouts have helped our energy level and overall happiness."

-Cliff and Mary Reese, AbsoluteFIT Participants 


"The AbsoluteFIT Tennis Conditioning Bootcamp Series improved confidence in my abilities to take my game, both physically and mentally, to a new level! The drills allow me to move faster and more efficiently. I've gained a stronger, more fluid serve through strength and flexibility."

-Bill Cesano
AbsoluteFIT Participant


"I've been a member of the AVAC® community for about a year and a half now. I've been taking strength training from Marcy Poindexter for 1 year. I would just like to let you know that she's been an important part of my health program. I am 66 years old and she has really made a difference in my motivation to become healthier. I have lost about 13 pounds, have gained muscle mass and definition, and have more energy. I feel that she sets high expectations, while making sure I use the machines and/or weights in a fashion that will benefit me, and not hurt me. I have total confidence in her! I look forward to continuing my strength training with her."

-Carol Ferri
AbsoluteFIT participant


"My first AbsoluteFIT class was HARD, I'm not going to lie. My weak legs trembled as I attempted to walk down the stairs after class and I had to sit down before taking a shower, worried about the possibility of passing out. I didn't know how I was going to keep this up. But class after class and to my surprise, it got easier and I became stronger. All the core exercises during the classes strengthened my back and each trainer gave me modifications as I needed them. I even began craving exercise on my off days (shocker) and felt like my day was incomplete if I didn't get some sort of exercise in. ...About a month ago, I stepped into a "non plus size" shop just to see if I could fit in their pants and to my surprise, I did. It had been 7 years since I could fit into regular size pants and I was out of my mind excited. I now take pictures with pride knowing that when I look back on them in the years to come, I will be happy and proud of the person I have become. Big thanks to Oceana and the AbsoluteFIT team!"

-Madison Altendorf
AbsoluteFIT Participant