Donation Request

Thank you for considering the Almaden Valley Athletic Club® for support for your local organization.  Part of our vision is to lead the way in support for local life-changing organizations—particularly in the areas of health & fitness.

The AVAC® Donation Package Includes:
• 1 month club membership

Donation Request Requirements (all of the following must be met):
• Organizations must submit a request through our online form. Due to the volume of donation requests that we receive, we can only accept requests through this online form.
• Requests must be made a minimum of eight (8) weeks in advance of the event.
• The organization must be within 10 miles of AVAC®.

Unfortunately, we are not able to donate in to events sponsored by a competitor.

Terms & Conditions
• If AVAC® is not able to fulfill your request: you will receive an email to that effect within 6 weeks of receiving your request.
• If AVAC®  is able to fulfill your request you will receive a phone call or email to coordinate the donation within 6 weeks of receiving your request.
• AVAC® reserves the right to require that the organization displays a "Thank you to AVAC®" or similar sign (at minimum) with the donation.
• AVAC® reserves the right to specify how the product is to be display & handled at the event/donation.

AVAC® Requests To Organization
• AVAC® logo & address on organization's website
• Organization to promote AVAC® 2 times through each of the following channels; Facebook, Email Newsletter, Print Collateral. Verbage/images to be mutually agreed upon.
• Organization to mention/thank AVAC® 2 times on event day. Verbiage to be mutually agreed upon.
• Placement of AVAC® promotional materials at organization and/or event.

If you would like to submit a donation request, simply complete our donation request form.

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